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IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Support

  • Duration: 1 month;
  • Price: from $90 per seat;

IT systems monitoring is an integral part of the enterprise information infrastructure managing, which consists in constant control and periodic analysis of IT infrastructure components with tracking the dynamics of changes occurring with them. The key objective of IT monitoring systems is to obtain, store and analyze information about the state of the controlled elements of the company IT structure. A special program allows you to quickly respond to problems in the work of IT services, as well as effectively prevent malfunctions.

Remote-Support Help-Desk Service

  • Duration: 1 month;
  • Price: $175 per hour;

Remote help-desk service to help solve an outstanding issue for users under SLA.

Manual In-Place Upgrade to Windows 10

  • Duration: 2 weeks;
  • Price: $400 + $100 for each PC;

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 on PCs in your organization and want to perform an update to Windows 10 without user interruption, we can provide this service and perform a manual remote upgrade in non-working hours keeping all compatible applications and all user files.

Automatic In-Place Upgrade to Windows 10

  • Duration: 3 weeks;
  • Price: $2900;

The simplest path to upgrade PCs currently running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 is through an in-place upgrade. IT Partner сan help You with an update for any number of workstations in your organization

Securing and Hardening your on premises IT environment

  • Duration: 1 week;
  • Price: $90 per hour;

We implement best practices to make your on-premises IT infrastructure safer and more secure. Keep in mind that security requirements can vary for different types of workloads. We have relevant experience to secure your systems.

CIO on Demand

  • Duration: recurring;
  • Price: ;

CIO on Demand service provides an affordable way to inject some CIO leadership or coaching into businesses that cannot afford a full-time expensive CIO.

Microsoft Volume Licensing

  • Duration: 1 day;
  • Price: Free;

Get all the help you need choosing and buying Microsoft Volume Licensing products for your business. Our experienced consultants will work with you to understand your goals, your situation and requirements to help find the right licensing solution for your needs at the best price. We have the software and services you want, whether you’re a student looking for the best deal on Microsoft Office or a large business in need of a managed services provider.