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Windows Pro 10 GetGenuine (GGWA)

Permanent licenses
FQC-09478 Microsoft Get Genuine Kit for Windows 10 Pro - License - 1 PC - Legalization - Open License - Single Language N/A
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Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA) License
GGWA is a convenient solution for corporate users who need to purchase full Windows Professional licenses. The GGWA license is offered only as part of the Microsoft OLP Volume Licensing program. Unlike other OLP licenses, the GGWA package includes certificates of Authenticity (Certificate of Authenticity - COA) for sticking to licensed PCs. It is recommended (but not required) to reinstall the OS if the original installation was made from non-original media.

The minimum order volume of GetGenuine licenses is 5 licenses.

Windows - Microsoft desktop operating system
The current version of Windows, like the previous ones, is licensed per device: you need to purchase a license for each device that is accessed or used by the product locally or remotely. Typically, one license entitles you to install one copy of the product on one device. Before purchasing licenses, read the Windows desktop licensing rules.