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Microsoft Visio Professional

Permanent licenses
D87-07284 Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 - License - 1 PC - Open License - Win - Single Language N/A
- +
Software Assurance Renewal
D87-01246 Microsoft Visio Professional - Software assurance - 1 PC - Open License - Single Language N/A
- +
Licenses with Software Assurance subscription
D87-01143 Microsoft Visio Professional - License & software assurance - 1 PC - Open License - Single Language N/A
- +

Visio Professional Edition
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Microsoft Visio 2016 application is designed to create charts and diagrams and visualize data. The product helps to integrate large-format data and real-time data from several sources, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SQL Server, into one effective diagram using understandable graphical elements such as icons, colors and histograms.


If you install Visio 2016 Standard or Professional on a PC with Office 365 Business or Professional installed, an error may occur. Office program versions installed with the Windows Installer and push-and-work technologies are incompatible. This problem can be solved as follows.