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Project Professional

Permanent licenses
H30-05613 Microsoft Project Professional 2016 - License - 1 PC - Open License - Win - Single Language - with Project Server CAL N/A
- +
Software Assurance Renewal
H30-00104 Microsoft Project Professional - Software assurance - 1 PC - Open License - Win - Single Language N/A
- +
Licenses with Software Assurance subscription
H30-00147 Microsoft Project Professional - License & software assurance - 1 PC - Open License - Win - Single Language N/A
- +

Project Professional Edition
Microsoft Project Professional Edition is an enhanced version for corporate project management, working in conjunction with Project Server. The difference between the Professional edition and the Standard edition is that the Professional edition allows you to create and use common project information (resources, tasks, etc.)  along with other project managers. See the editions comparison.
Project Desktop Application
Project 2016 is a reliable tool for effective project management and provides the optimal combination of functionality, flexibility and practicality. The program allows you to get all the necessary information and manage project works, plans, finances, and also offers excellent opportunities for increasing productivity through integration with Microsoft Office applications and the availability of powerful reporting tools and flexible project planning and management tools using wizards and templates.



If you install Project 2016 Standard or Professional on a PC with Office 365 Business or Professional installed, an error may occur. Office program versions installed with the Windows Installer and push-and-work technologies are incompatible. This problem can be solved as follows.