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Microsoft Windows Ent 10 Upgrade

Permanent licenses
KW4-00126 Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 - Upgrade license - 1 license - Open License - Single Language N/A
- +
Software Assurance Renewal
KV3-00260 Windows Enterprise - Software assurance - 1 license - Open License - Single Language N/A
- +
Licenses with Software Assurance subscription
KV3-00262 Windows Enterprise - Upgrade & software assurance - 1 license - Open License - Single Language N/A
- +

Windows Enterprise 10 Upgrade
This license gives you the right to use Windows 10 Enterprise on a device that has a full license to the previous version of Windows Professional. The full Windows licenses include OEM, boxes and GGWA. The Windows Entereprise Upgrade license is not intended to be assigned to a PC without an OS.

Windows Enterprise includes all the features of Windows Professional, as well as some additional features (see the comparison of Professional and Enterprise editions).

Windows - Microsoft desktop operating system
The current version of Windows, like the previous ones, is licensed per device: you need to purchase a license for each device that is accessed or used by the product locally or remotely. Typically, one license grants you the right to install one copy of the product on one device. Before purchasing licenses, read the Windows desktop licensing rules.