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The Microsoft Open License Program


Microsoft Open License Program (OLP) is a volume licensing program that allows you to purchase licenses for software products at a lower price relative to retail prices of boxed products. The program offers a full range of products for businesses: operating systems, desktop applications, server products, and development tools. For operating systems, a full license for Windows Professional GetGenuine and Windows Professional Upgrade licenses are offered. It has minimum license requirements and offers customers volume pricing with the flexibility to pay as they go. It allows them to acquire additional software products, as needed, to grow with their changing business needs. Open License offers a greater discount for a larger upfront order.


OLP licenses provide perpetual rights to use current and previous versions of products. Along with licenses, you can purchase a subscription to the Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) support program, which provides the right to upgrade to new versions of products and some additional benefits for a period of 24 months. At the end of 24 months, you can purchase individual licenses for SA renewal.


Regulatory documents:

Microsoft Product Terms (MPT)

Open License Agreement (OLP) (sample)


Description of purchasing process of OLP licenses:

  • Select the licenses in the Catalog or use Wizard
  • Open the Basket
  • Place an order
  • Pay the bill
  • Get licenses in electronic form, keys and distributions on the Microsoft VLSC website

The minimum initial order is 5 OLP licenses for any products. Further orders within 2 years can be for any number of licenses.

  • Products Included: All commercially available Microsoft software products on the product list.
  • Licensing Offerings: License, License and Software Assurance, (L&SA) and Software Assurance renewals, or eligible original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and full packaged product (FPP) purchases.
  • Software Maintenance Option: Software Assurance is available at the time of license acquisition (License and Software Assurance). Software Assurance coverage is in effect until the end of the two-year term of Open License.
  • Pricing:

Open Business: Requires only five licenses to enter the program.

Additional option for larger license purchases: Each product offering (License, SA, and L&SA) is assigned specific point values to determine price levels. Points are calculated based on three product pools, with a minimum entry acquisition level of 500 points; one in each chosen pool.

  • Agreement Term: Two years, not renewable
  • Payment Options: Upfront payment only
  • How to Buy: Contact us
  • Product Fulfillment: Media must be acquired separately from Microsoft Worldwide Fulfillment or through authorized distributors (depending on the geography).
  • Software Assurance: Option to add Software Assurance at the time of license acquisition.
  • Online Services: Not offered