How to upgrade MB365 Standard license to MB365 Premium?

Hello there, 

I have followed your instructions and selected 1 MB365 Standard license to be upgraded to MB365 Premium. It’s saying: The transition is initiated / upgrade in progress..

At this point, we have 3-4 spare MB365 Standard licenses, but in cases when all the licenses are assigned - how would we know which end user will be affected with the change?
I just want to make sure, so we don’t make any mistakes in here.

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By c0pycat | 19 Jun, 2024 15:27

Hello Marko,

There are two different levels of license management:

  1. The First Level is license provisioning. At this level, you create a pool of available licenses in the tenant, and you can use multiple different licensing channels, like CSP (like IT Partner), Direct, Open, Retail, Trial, etc.
  2. The second level is the license assignment. At this point, you are using the pool of available licenses (that you created in step #1 above) to assign those licenses to individual users.
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