How Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is priced?

Please help us understand how How Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is priced? Is usage measured from the time a user signs on to when they sign off?

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By Michael | 08 Jul, 2022 10:45

Hello Kathy,

Yes and No. While user activity has some effect on the final cost, it's not significant. There are many different factors affecting the monthly cost, primarily it’s the power and size, and number of the VMs powering your Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environment, plus many other variables, like amount and type of storage, Pooled or Personal type, Multi- or Single-session, number of users, peak concurrency, etc, etc. Please check and play with the Azure Virtual Desktop service inside the Azure Calculator. It’s pretty good. Also, feel free to request a quick call to discuss that topic and use the Azure Calculator to price your AVD environment. Once everything is deployed, we can help you configure this environment to squeeze all possible savings while maintaining an enjoyable experience for your users.

WBR, Mike.

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