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    ielo design Pte Ltd

    I wanted to start with a big thank you to itpartner365.com for the project they completed last week, especially for the Cloud Engineer i had the chance to work with during the migration

    Dear Alex,

    I wanted to start with a BIG thank you to itpartner365.com for the project they completed last week, especially for the Cloud Engineer i had the chance to work with during the migration.

    We were looking for a company to migrate our email system and existing e-mail data from old public service to corporate communication – Office 365 business premium (exchange). Right after the first meeting we chose itpartner365.com. These guys answered all our questions, presented a migration plan and immediately got to work. We had some issues with our old public e-mail service as ielo business was scaling up and so did our IT needs. They did a great job on helping us reach the next level in professionalism in our IT. The migration project was completed on time as promised and with no data loss which is a tough thing to achieve.

    Now, we use a powerful and productive email and cloud storage solution from Microsoft. We used to have 3 different suppliers (email service, pro storage, and collaborative platform), we now have a single one, more reactive, more efficient system and partner and, the most important, making the ielodesign team a lot more productive!

    The itpartner365.com team is composed of professionals with a passion for Microsoft technologies. They are client-oriented with exceptionally high standards in customer service. The greatest example would be that ielo is Singapore based and yet, we chose itpartners365.com who is not local! They were just more professional and, let’s say it, « better » than what the local market offers. It’s not just about computers and technologies, it’s about creating a competitive advantage and itpartner365.com understands this.

    We definitely recommend itpartner365.com as a Microsoft Gold Partner company. They are pros and they know what they are doing. Many thanks for the work done !

    ielo design Pte Ltd

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