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    Introducing new AI capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

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    Microsoft has recently unveiled a suite of robust AI tools and capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. These innovations are designed to empower nonprofit organizations in expediting their mission-driven work.

    Introducing new AI capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

    The convergence of widespread economic uncertainty and the rapid pace of technological change has created a uniquely challenging environment for nonprofits. Nonprofits find themselves in a race to maintain their level of impact with diminishing budgets. AI serves as a time-saving tool, and a formidable ally across various critical roles. In May 2023, Microsoft announced new AI capabilities for Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits.

    Leverage AI with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

    AI serves as a mission accelerator, a time-saving tool, and a powerful assistant across various critical roles within nonprofits. Microsoft strongly believes that AI presents profound opportunities as a valuable resource for nonprofits in their mission to serve communities and offers a range of powerful AI-driven tools and capabilities through Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits to enhance fundraising and marketing efforts, especially important in a challenging nonprofit landscape.

    These latest AI solutions are built on Microsoft’s trusted cloud platform, Azure, which provides elevated levels of security, scalability, and reliability. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrate with Microsoft's existing suite of nonprofit solutions, including Microsoft 365 components like Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams, as well as Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn. This comprehensive integration ensures that nonprofits can leverage a cohesive ecosystem of tools to further their mission and enhance their impact.

    • New Fundraising dashboard. A new Fundraising performance dashboard is introduced, providing nonprofit leaders and Boards with real-time data and interactive views of campaign performance, donor conversion, and other fundraising metrics. It utilizes Power BI's robust data visualization platform.

    • Donor-Centric Marketing. Dynamics 365 Marketing enables nonprofit marketers to segment donors, volunteers, and constituents through plain language queries. This tool helps identify preferred communication methods and contribution times, streamlining donor and volunteer acknowledgments, newsletters, and program communications. Integration with the Nonprofit Common Data Model ensures seamless data integration for personalized engagement.

    • Fundraising and Engagement tools. Microsoft Viva Sales AI Copilot capabilities are integrated into Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit's Fundraising and Engagement. This means nonprofits can leverage AI-based tools to automate communications, generate personalized content, reminders, and recommendations, fostering deeper and more meaningful engagement with donors. AI-based features from Microsoft Teams Premium are also integrated, enhancing productivity and ensuring timely follow-ups.

    • Donor Propensity model. A new AI-powered donor propensity model is announced for Fundraising and Engagement. This model allows organizations to leverage their data to identify donors most likely to contribute. Collaborative efforts with select nonprofits will refine this model, with plans to make it available in the second half of 2023. Additional details can be found in the private preview on June 22nd. Register here for more information.

    With the new capabilities introduced, Microsoft empowers nonprofits of all sizes and from across the globe to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Through the utilization of user-friendly AI-driven solutions, nonprofits can gain a deeper understanding of their supporters, enhance donor loyalty and long-term contributions, and customize fundraising efforts to align with the unique preferences of individual donors, all while ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive information.

    Microsoft has also launched a set of new AI and cloud open-source tools and resources within the Innovation Hub GitHub repository. These resources have been meticulously designed to streamline the swift development of frameworks tailored to address specific challenges encountered by nonprofit organizations.

    Microsoft remains committed to rolling out new features and enhancements and is actively collaborating with numerous partners to ensure the customization of this technology to meet the specific needs of the nonprofit sector. In our joint efforts with Microsoft, IT Partner is among the selected companies to partner with Microsoft, contributing to the implementation and data migration process. The world is changing quickly and we stand ready to assist you in staying abreast of these ever-expanding opportunities. Learn more about Microsoft’s Principles for Responsible AI and nonprofit offers from Microsoft.

    Steps to Buy Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

    1. Register for nonprofit offers and confirm nonprofit eligibility on the Nonprofit Hub.
    2. Review Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit industry solution capabilities and choose one or multiple solutions. With Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, you can grow and adapt at your own pace. For more information on the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit components, see the Overview.
    3. Determine Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit license prerequisites. Each capability enabled by the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Add-On has specific prerequisites as outlined in the table below.

    Introducing new AI capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

    1. Access grants and purchase prerequisite licenses. To see grants available that map to the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit solutions, see our Guide.
    2. Purchase the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit add-on license A quantity of “1” license gives access to Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit for all employees in your company who have a license prerequisite. Either a Basic, Standard P1 or Standard P2 license must be present on the contract to implement the solution.

    Introducing new AI capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

    Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit includes nonprofit-specific applications, advanced training benefits, and technical support—including unlimited 24/7 access to technical resources. It also provides access to our extensive, experienced nonprofit partner ecosystem and solutions.

    Introducing new AI capabilities in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

    Connect with us now and our IT Partner expert team will answer your questions and help you ensure that your organization maximizes the benefits of this cutting-edge technology and receives the support you need. Your success is our priority, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.


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