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    Finally, we have the Windows 7 ESU Extended Security Updates 2021 licenses available for customers in the USA! You must own the Windows 7 ESU for the previous year (2020) in order to purchase the ESU …


    Nonprofits play an incredibly important role in delivering vital services and they need more support than ever during these wild times.


    Get the power of Microsoft free or discounted for your nonprofit organization.


    Education is some of the most important work in the world. Microsoft products are available free or at a discount to verified educational institutions. We show you how to take advantage.


    Microsoft 365 offers first-class security and intelligent cloud services to help nonprofits increase efficiency and collaboration within an organization while keeping it secure.


    In today's circumstances, it is essential for all businesses to guarantee a secure and effective way to support their remote employees. One of the ways to enable a remote work for your team is to star…


    Cloud App Security helps businesses trigger alert workflows automatically and detect threats across their apps. It provides several threat detection policies that use machine learning analytics to rec…


    Recently, privacy and security have become top of mind for IT. With Microsoft Teams, strong measures are taken to guarantee secure access to user data so enterprises can run business safely and secure…


    Azure Security Center is designed to strengthen the security posture of your data centers. It provides advanced threat protection across your hybrid workloads in the cloud and examines whether your re…


    Microsoft Cloud App Security is built to help you explore all cloud apps and services in your company, secure data against suspicious usage, and manage user access to corporate resources.