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    Microsoft 365 Education: Complete Guide

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    Education is some of the most important work in the world. Microsoft products are available free or at a discount to verified educational institutions. We show you how to take advantage.

    Welcome to Microsoft Public Cloud

    With speed, flexibility, and security at the forefront of today's business needs, it's no wonder Microsoft's public cloud has become the world's standard for productivity.

    You'll save time and money while leveraging the power of Microsoft, allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best. Microsoft's cloud-based applications include familiar industry standards like Word and Excel, as well as collaboration titans like Teams and the all-new SharePoint.

    Secure your valuable work in high-capacity storage that is always with you, wherever you are. Communicate, collaborate, and execute on your goals at the push of a button. The power of the cloud makes your best work even better.

    IT Partner will be your guide. With your help, we'll take you through the process of getting started.

    The future is here. Welcome.

    Why choose Microsoft 365 Education

    Education is some of the most important work in the world. Microsoft products are available free or at a discount to verified educational institutions. Some highlights include:

    • Unlimited Free Office 365 A1 licenses for staff and students
    • Deep discounts on Office 365 A3 and A5 licenses and 40 free student licenses issued for every staff license purchase

    How to register your EDU authorized tenant

    If you don't have a Microsoft 365 tenant yet -- an admin center under which you control every aspect of your account and its users -- check out the instructions here for setting one up.

    In this step, you'll enter all the basic information about your organization and create your Global Admin account. You'll then be in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, ready to try Microsoft 365 Education on a trial basis.

    How to get your EDU eligibility approved by Microsoft

    If your top-level domain is ".edu" and you entered it while creating your tenant, then you're done!

    If you don't have ".edu" as your top-level domain, you'll now open a support ticket with Microsoft.

    To speed things, if you're already working with a Microsoft sales representative, make sure to let them know you're opening the ticket, and drop the sales rep's name when you interact with support.

    When you hear back from the support representative, be ready to provide:

    1. Your organization's name
    2. Segment (K-12 OR Higher Education)
    3. Entity Website URL
    4. Your Contact Email
    5. Your Microsoft tenant ID
    6. Organization Domain
    7. Organization Address
    8. A Certificate from a local government or ministry of education stating that this is an accredited educational institution, stating the organization name and address, and the segment (K-12 or Higher Education)
    9. Local government organization registration certificate that shows the organization name and address, and the business segment

    IT Partner will prepare your tenant for license activation

    When you are ready to activate the licenses you will use beyond the trial period, IT Partner will consult you on the purchasing process and initiate your access.

    To connect your tenant to the licenses, it is necessary for IT Partner to have limited authorization on your tenant.

    We take your security and privacy very seriously, and we recognize that you may be subject to strict regulations around access to your systems. IT Partner will work closely with you to make the process compliant with your policies.

    A user with global admin permissions will be able to authorize IT Partner's use of the tenant. The provisioning can be done in seconds, even as you supervise during a screen sharing session.

    Complete the process by filling out our New Customer form. If you need help finding your default tenant name check out this article.

    What's Next: IT Partner by your side

    IT Partner offers unlimited break-fix support on your cloud products and services. Contact us directly by writing to and we'll respond promptly.

    We offer ongoing expertise for your educational institution, including data migration, assistance with on-premises systems, third-party systems, and consulting. Have a technology question? Just ask!


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