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    Get started with Microsoft 365 Training to maximize your impact

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    Microsoft 365 offers first-class security and intelligent cloud services to help nonprofits increase efficiency and collaboration within an organization while keeping it secure.

    Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams allows you to manage online meetings, chats, and cloud storage in real time remotely and onsite. With Microsoft 365 your organization can reduce the costs by getting one single solution including Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and Office apps with advanced security options.

    Video conferencing, instant messaging, and your own Yammer site empower your staff and volunteers to collaborate in exciting new ways. Online storage and remote file sharing enable you to easily access your emails and edit online documents anywhere and anytime.

    Keeping confidential information safe is essential for the protection of your staff and programs as well as for the success of your organization. With Microsoft 365 there is no reason to worry about security on your users` devices. You can also provide your employees with various free and low-cost courses and trainings to promote your mission with cloud-powered technology.

    Here are several recommendations for your organization:

    Covid-19 response track for Nonprofits

    This free training course will help you make the transition to remote work as smooth as possible.

    Microsoft Teams training track for Nonprofits

    This tutorial will walk you through the features of Microsoft Teams with nonprofit-focused user scenarios, including a Getting Started course, an advanced course, and a special Ask the Expert session.

    Live training with a Microsoft expert

    You can always fill out the training request form and schedule a free, customized training session for your team.

    Microsoft 365 Administrator`s Security Toolkit

    This nonprofit-focused course will provide you with the best-in-class security settings and tools across the Microsoft 365 suite.

    Microsoft 365 fundamentals training

    This self-paced learning track will help you discover how Microsoft 365 can help you with digital transformation.

    10 things you get from holding Microsoft certifications

    Microsoft training and certifications will prepare you for the roles that employees are looking to fill.

    Microsoft 365 can streamline the challenges and opportunities your nonprofit faces. Nonprofit digital training and courses will help your team build the skills necessary to fully utilize Microsoft 365 collaboration tools.

    Visit nonprofit digital skills training and courses page to review numerous resources for nonprofits and learn how to drive greater impact with Microsoft 365.


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