Sometimes for troubleshooting purposes, you may need to forward an incoming email to someone as an attachment instead of resending the text of an email or copying and pasting email text. Or you may wa…


    Modern businesses are constantly striving for continuous business improvement. Email signature is an important part of day-to-day business operations and can become a powerful tool in achieving this g…


    Microsoft Power Automate is an online workflow service that automates events across a constantly growing collection of more than 230 apps and services, including SharePoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, …


    You can use the following instructions to export .pst files from the admin panel.


    While many of you are well into your journey of deploying and/or servicing Windows 10, Microsoft understands that everyone is at a different point in the upgrade process. If your organization is unabl…


    Use your Android device to snap a photo of a printed data chart. Insert it in Excel and watch your image convert to a spreadsheet!


    Meetings in Teams include audio, video, and sharing. And because they're online, you'll always have meeting space and never need a room or projector. Teams meetings are a great way to come together wi…


    Possible scenarios – hybrid Azure AD join and Autopilot for existing devices


    Scenarios for Windows Autopilot – User-driven, Reset, Self-deploying modes


    What you need to do to set the stage for Windows deployment with Autopilot.


    How can the end user can deploy a new device? Do you have a soft spot for new, shiny devices? Who doesn’t? But you have to take the rough with the smooth and spend a lot of time to make all the necess…


    Business Central is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution from Microsoft that appeared last year but has already gained popularity – it is a user friendly, all-in-one business management product fo…