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    Enable secure remote work with Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure

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    In today's circumstances, it is essential for all businesses to guarantee a secure and effective way to support their remote employees. One of the ways to enable a remote work for your team is to start using the new Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure with all your desktop environment stored online on a server.

    With Windows Virtual Desktop your team can easily continue work through desktop and app virtualization with no worries about managing various resources such as RDS gateways, licensing, and load balancing. Windows Virtual Desktop has built-in security and compliance features to help you deploy a cost-effective and productive experience.

    Here are the top benefits of the new Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure:

    Secure and productive remote work.

    With WVD you get full Windows 10 and Windows Server desktop on your device from any location. The integration of WVD with Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and Teams allows your end users to be efficient while using the desktop experience they are used to.

    Windows Virtual Desktop provides flexibility for your employees and allows them to work anywhere at any time.

    Sustainability and Lower Cost of Infrastructure.

    With Windows Virtual Desktop it is possible to have multiple concurrent users by maximizing use of your virtual machines through the Windows 10 multisession capacity.

    With eligible Windows or Microsoft 365 licenses, you pay only for what you use when accessing Windows Virtual Desktop.

    Simple IT management.

    Windows Virtual Desktop runs the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for you, so you can concentrate on users, apps, and OS images instead of hardware inventory and maintenance.

    With WVD it is easy to get your users up and running with limitless scale and full automation based on your business needs.

    Security and Protection.

    Windows Virtual Desktop provides you and your team with enhanced security. With built-in Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup technologies it is easy to protect against outages and stay productive.

    Azure Service Health dashboard helps you with guidance and technical support when Azure service issues or updates affect your Azure resources. It allows you to mitigate downtime and prepare for planned maintenance.

    Such security solutions like Azure Firewall, Azure Sentinel, and Azure Security Center reduce vulnerabilities and keep your virtual desktops safe.

    Remote work is growing in popularity and businesses need to catch up to this new reality. Windows Virtual Desktop is unique. The integration of a desktop and app virtualization service that runs on the cloud allows you to organize secure remote work. You can access your desktop and apps from anywhere as well as manage your end-to-end Windows Virtual Desktop deployment alongside other Azure services within the Azure portal.


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