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Office 365 Proof of Concept / Pilot

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  • Duration: 1 month;
  • Price: $ 800;

We will help you deploy, configure and test the feasibility of using Cloud technologies and solutions like Exchange Online for your business. Also, the service is designed to help customers understand Office 365 capabilities, determine their readiness for migration to Office 365 services, and get a hands-on experience with Office 365.

  1. IT Partner is responsible for
  2. Client is responsible to
  3. Out of the scope of this project (additional cost items)
  4. Prerequisites
  5. Results

The Pilot project includes resources, tools, and our experts to make your rollout of Office 365 a success.

Our objective is a successful Office 365 rollout focusing on driving adoption and helping everyone understand the benefits.

IT Partner is responsible for

  1. Tenant creation and domain verification
  2. Creating user accounts and setting the primary (reply-to) address
  3. Setting up email forwarding at your current provider and testing mail flow
  4. Reviewing the features of Office 365
  5. Reviewing Office 365 ROI vs. existing software

Client is responsible to

  • Create an Excel spreadsheet that contains a row for each user whose mailbox will be include and provide necessary data about users being piloted.
  • Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner and coordinate any outside vendor resources and schedules.
  • Configure all networking equipment such as load balancers, routers, firewalls, and switches.
  • Provide access to physical and virtual servers and/or systems and services as needed. Provide needed remote and/or physical access to facility and systems required to complete work.
  • Perform changes to internal and external DNS, as required.
  • Assist with identification of high risk users (top executives and VIP-users, users with mailboxes 50 GB or larger and/or deleted folders 30 GB or larger).

Out of the scope of this project (additional cost items)

A fully functional demo tenant that includes: * PSTN and conferencing capabilities * Creating a functional SharePoint site/ OneDrive for Business storage * Setting up Skype for Business * Active Directory Federation Services


  • Your current email provider must provide email forwarding;
  • You need to manage your Office 365-related DNS records at your DNS hosting provider;


  • Office 365 services are better configured and customized to suit your needs
  • Adoption of Office 365 services is measured and increases over time
  • Users become more productive and spend less time trying to fix problems or issues

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