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Microsoft Teams - Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

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  • Duration: 1 week;
  • Price: $300 + $5 per GB;

We will migrate your Microsoft Teams structure and documents from one Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant.

  1. IT Partner responsibility
  2. Client responsibility
  3. Out of the scope for this project (additional cost items)
  4. Prerequisites
  5. Plan
  6. Success Criteria

This is a service description for the Microsoft Teams migration service from one Office 365 tenant to another. Usually, you will need this type of migration when a company merges or acquires another company, or you would like to migrate to a different geographic region.

Our objective is to plan, design and migrate Microsoft Teams service from one Office 365 tenant to a different Office 365 tenant.

A migration project will be considered successful when Microsoft Teams data is migrated without loss of data within an agreed time frame and without downtime for users. What would be migrated:
  1. Teams and channels
  2. Files stored in Teams
  3. Channels inside Teams
  4. User membership information

IT Partner responsibility

  1. Identify data such as Team, Channel and the Files contained in them in the source tenant.
  2. Creation of appropriate Team and Channel structure in the destination tenant.
  3. Transfer files stored in the Team and channel to a new tenant.
  4. Providing owner access to all Teams in destination tenant.

Client responsibility

  1. Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner.
  2. Coordinate any outside vendor resources and schedules.
  3. If Microsoft Team desktop clients are to be used for connectivity to Office 365, reconfigure those clients.
  4. Manage users membership in Teams.

Out of the scope for this project (additional cost items)

  1. Inform users about upcoming changes.
  2. Desktop software settings.


  1. You must have global-admin level access to the source Office 365 tenant.
  2. You must have global-admin level access to the destination Office 365 tenant with Team license available.


May vary depending on your needs.

  1. Kickoff meeting.
  2. Determine source data.
  3. Pre-stage migration.
  4. Migration validation and access provision.
  5. Final data migration.

Success Criteria

Users can access the Microsoft Teams service in the destination tenant from their desktop PC’s, mobile phones and tablets from any place, any time. All the data (Teams, Channels and Files) migrated from the Source tenant to Destination without loss and downtime.

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