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Exchange Online Administrator on Demand

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Our engineers take care of irregular administration chores in Exchange Online. Support is available by phone, Skype for Business or remotely.

  1. Our responsibilities
  2. Client responsibilities
  3. Out of the scope of this service (additional cost items)
  4. Results

Our engineers have competencies and skills that provide clients with the best experience. This allows for each problem to be solved quickly and professionally.

Our objective is to provide on demand support for your Exchange Online tenant issues.

Our responsibilities

  • Set up mailbox features
  • Monitor Exchange Online via the Exchange Online admin center (EAC)
  • Recover deleted items in a user’s mailbox
  • Create shared mailboxes so a group of people can monitor and send email from a common email address.
  • Set up anti-spam and malware filters for the organization.

Client responsibilities

  • Any issues not related directly to Exchange Online

Out of the scope of this service (additional cost items)

  • Training of customer team
  • Desktop software settings
  • Mailbox migration


Supplementary on demand professional help in solving any issues with Exchange Online.

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