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Azure AD Tenant-to-Tenant Staged Transition

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Azure Active Directory migration from one Office 365 tenant to another. Usually, you will need this type of migration when a company merges or acquires another company, or you would like to migrate to a different geographic region.

  1. IT Partner responsibilities
  2. Client responsibilities
  3. Additional cost items not provided by the project
  4. Prerequisites
  5. Plan
  6. Success Criteria

This service will allow you to transfer Azure AD data from one Tenant to another. We can move users and groups, saving all current logins. Please note that export of passwords from Azure AD is impossible, so saving the current user passwords will not work. The users will be assigned a temporary password, with which they can enter the new tenant and assign to themselves a permanent password by their own.

Staged Azure AD Tenant-to Tenant migration describes the staged migration of users and Azure resource sharing setup. This scenario will suit you if your company has many users who use Azure AD authorization on their workstations, or for a large number of other resources hosted in Azure.
Staged migration allows a part of users to log in to the new domain, but with the help of the access settings, it is also possible to save the ability to work with resources, SharePoint or VM in the old domain. Also, this approach allows to reconfigure all PCs with saving data, using less human resources and reducing possible downtime.

You can also consider cut-over migration, during which all data will be transferred at once.

IT Partner responsibilities

  1. Source tenant data analysis
  2. Preparation of the migration plan, including resource list, migrated user groups and their access to data in the source tenant
  3. Providing informational messages for users
  4. Staged exporting data from the source tenant in accordance with the migration plan and uploading data into a new tenant
  5. Providing users of the new tenant with access to resources in the source tenant
  6. Consultation on technical issues related to the work of Azure AD

Client responsibilities

  1. Coordinate Client resources and staff schedules
  2. Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner
  3. Coordinate any outside vendor resources and schedules
  4. Provide administrative access to source and destination tenant
  5. Change settings of applications using Azure AD, if any
  6. Notify users about changes
  7. Change PC settings if Azure AD authorization is used
  8. Review and approve engagement deliverables in a timely manner

Additional cost items not provided by the project

  1. Migration of other data from Azure, such as applications, mail, virtual machines, and databases (can be purchased as an additional service)
  2. Resource sharing setup between the source tenant and the destination tenant
  3. Workstation configuration. Please note that if employees use Azure AD authorization on their PCs, they will need to disconnect from the current tenant and connect to a new one, a new user profile will be created as a result. Services for PC setup and transferring data stored in a user profile can be purchased as an additional service

Upon completion of the project, we will provide a project closeout report. This document will indicate the final project status including acceptance criteria matching, outstanding issues, and the final budget. If you require more extensive documentation, it can be provided for an additional fee.


  1. You have administrative access to the source tenant
  2. You have administrative access to the destination tenant and licenses similar to the source tenant, or you are ready to purchase them


The plan may vary depending on your needs.
  1. Kickoff meeting
  2. The source tenant data analysis
  3. Preparing and coordination of the migration plan
  4. Preparing for migration and informing users
  5. Data migration according to the developed plan
  6. Verification and fixing issues

Success Criteria

  1. All users and groups are migrated from the source tenant to the destination tenant without data loss
  2. It is possible to authorize all users in the new domain

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