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Service used to avoid NDRs and bounced emails during tenant-to-tenant migration.

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Long description Service used to avoid NDRs and bounced emails during tenant-to-tenant migration.
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Description #

Every day people send and receive billions of emails, which makes an email one of the most important business tools. Sometimes during acquisitions and mergers organizations must deal with tenant-to-tenant migration which involves the migration of mailboxes and service settings from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another one.

Email is a fast, cheap and accessible method of business communication. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to avoid situations with NDRs (non-delivery reports) and bounced emails that can occur when moving an email domain between tenants. We use MX Spooler Service to prevent your clients from receiving NDRs and help you ensure that all their emails successfully reach your mailboxes.

IT Partner responsibilities #

  1. Set up comprehensive mail storage.
  2. Create necessary transport rules and connectors inside the client's tenant.
  3. Provide the required information about the changes to the MX record.
  4. Check and confirm the email flow works fine.
  5. Perform necessary steps to redirect the email flow to MX spooler service for temporary email hold.
  6. Release emails and ensure they are delivered to the client’s tenant.

Client responsibilities #

  1. Perform the required MX changes.
  2. Provide access to DNS management system if necessary.

Prerequisites #

  1. Microsoft 365 Tenant to tenant migration project.
  2. Access to DNS management for all required email domains.

Plan #

  1. Analyse the project and migration plan.
  2. Configure the MX Spooler Service.
  3. Set up a source tenant to work with MX spooler service.
  4. Change MX records.
  5. Stop the mail flow and limit email accumulation during the domain transfer.
  6. Release emails.
  7. Change MX records back.

Success criteria #

  1. MX Spooler service was used during the migration process.
  2. No incoming emails were lost during the migration process.


Manufacturer IT Partner
Licensing SRV
Duration 14 days
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$ 2,890.00 per project
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