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Service built to help organizations transfer their data and content from the ShareFile file-sharing and collaboration platform to Microsoft's cloud-based SharePoint Online platform.

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Long description Service built to help organizations transfer their data and content from the ShareFile file-sharing and collaboration platform to Microsoft's cloud-based SharePoint Online platform.
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Description #

ShareFile to SharePoint Online migration typically involves moving files, folders, and other content from ShareFile to SharePoint Online while preserving important metadata, permissions, and security settings. This migration is often undertaken by organizations that are looking to consolidate their content management and collaboration tools, improve their workflow and productivity, or reduce costs by moving to a cloud-based platform.

Migrating from ShareFile to SharePoint Online allows organizations to streamline their workflows using a single platform for file storage and collaboration. SharePoint Online offers advanced collaboration features such as co-authoring, versioning, and access controls that can help teams work more efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to help companies carefully plan, prepare and perform a successful and smooth ShareFile to SharePoint Online Migration without data loss or corruption.

IT Partner responsibilities #

  1. Determine what data needs to be migrated and where it will be stored in SharePoint Online. Plan out the migration timeline, identify any potential issues or challenges, and determine who will be involved in the migration process.
  2. Make sure that ShareFile data is organized and that you have the necessary permissions to migrate files to SharePoint Online. You may also want to consider cleaning up any unnecessary or duplicate files.
  3. Develop a mapping plan to ensure that your ShareFile data is correctly mapped to SharePoint Online. This should include file names, metadata, and permissions.
  4. Test and perform the migration.
  5. Verify that all data has been successfully migrated and perform any necessary post-migration tasks.

Client responsibilities #

  1. Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner.
  2. Coordinate any outside vendor resources and schedules.
  3. Provide temporary access to the existing environment/IT Infrastructure.
  4. Configure all network equipment, such as load balancers, routers, firewalls, and switches.
  5. Perform changes to internal and external DNS, as required.
  6. Inform users about upcoming changes and provide the necessary information.

Additional cost items not provided by the project #

  1. Informing users about upcoming changes.
  2. Customer team training (could be added as an additional service).
  3. Desktop software settings.

Prerequisites #

  1. The user performing the migration should have all the necessary permissions and access to both ShareFile and SharePoint Online environments.
  2. Prepare the SharePoint Online environment.
  3. Review the ShareFile data and ensure that it is structured and organized in a way that can be easily migrated to SharePoint Online.
  4. Develop a plan for how to migrate data from ShareFile to SharePoint Online, including what tools or methods to use and how to handle any data that cannot be migrated.

Plan #

  1. Kickoff meeting.
  2. Define the migration objectives, timeline, and scope. Consider which data needs to be migrated and which data can be left behind.
  3. Ensure that the SharePoint Online environment is set up correctly and that users have the necessary permissions to access and manage content.
  4. Map the ShareFile data to SharePoint Online.
  5. Back up data and run a test migration to validate the migration plan and identify any issues that need to be addressed before the actual migration.
  6. Start the migration batch and monitor the progress of the migration.
  7. Verify that all of your data has been migrated correctly, including metadata and permissions.
  8. Follow-up / closure conversations.

Success criteria #

  1. All of the data that was intended to be migrated from ShareFile to SharePoint Online is successfully migrated and available in the new environment.
  2. The migrated data retains its original formatting, metadata, and permissions, and is accessible by the appropriate users.
  3. The migrated data is secure and protected in the new SharePoint Online environment, with appropriate permissions and access controls in place.


Manufacturer IT Partner
Licensing SRV
Duration 7 days
Project Management Fee $800.00
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