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We will copy databases from your own SQL Server to an Azure VM SQL Server of the same version.

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Long description We will copy databases from your own SQL Server to an Azure VM SQL Server of the same version.
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This is a simple and well-tested technique for moving databases across machines.

Also, if you have to transfer large amounts of data, we will help you arrange to ship your hard drive(s) using the Azure Import/Export Service (when uploading over the network is prohibitively expensive or not feasible).

Please note that if you need to upgrade your SQL Server version, we do offer that service here.

Our objective is to migrate SQL databases to an Azure VM on the same SQL Server version.

This project will be considered successful when SQL databases are available from Azure without data loss.

IT Partner responsibilities #

  • Perform a full database backup to an on-premises location
  • Create a virtual machine with the version of SQL Server desired
  • Set up connectivity
  • Connect to SQL Server over the Internet or in the same virtual network
  • Copy file(s) to VM

Client responsibilities #

  • Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner and coordinate any outside vendor resources and schedules
  • Configure all networking equipment, such as load balancers, routers, firewalls, and switches
  • Provide access to physical and virtual servers and/or systems and services, as needed. Provide remote and/or physical access to facility and systems required to complete work

Outside the scope of this project (additional cost items) #

  • Software version upgrade
  • Training customer team

Upon completion of the project, we will provide a project closeout report. This document will indicate the final project status, including evidence of meeting acceptance criteria, any outstanding issues, and the final budget. If you require more extensive documentation, this can be provided for an additional fee.

Plan #

The plan may vary depending on your needs.

  1. Kickoff meeting
  2. Review SQL Server and Windows Server
  3. Start deployment
  4. Finalize deployment
  5. Verify and fix issues, if any


Manufacturer IT Partner
Licensing SRV
Duration 7 days
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$ 450.00 per project
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