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This data governance solution is designed to help organizations gain insights into their data landscape, classify sensitive information, and establish data governance policies.

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Long description This data governance solution is designed to help organizations gain insights into their data landscape, classify sensitive information, and establish data governance policies.
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Description #

In the modern digital ecosystem, data is the lifeblood of organizations. Managing and governing this data effectively through its lifecycle is paramount to achieving operational excellence and compliance. Microsoft Purview offers a comprehensive solution for data governance, enabling organizations to gain visibility, control, and manage their data assets efficiently. Here are some key aspects of Microsoft Purview's Data Lifecycle Management capabilities:

  1. Data Discovery. Purview helps organizations discover and catalog their data assets. It scans and indexes data across various sources, including on-premises databases, cloud storage, and other repositories, providing a unified view of the data landscape.

  2. Data Classification. Purview allows organizations to classify data based on sensitivity, compliance requirements, or custom criteria. This classification helps in understanding the nature of the data and applying appropriate governance policies.

  3. Metadata Management. Metadata, or information about the data, is crucial for understanding and managing data effectively. Purview collects and manages metadata, providing a comprehensive view of data lineage, quality, and usage.

  4. Policy Enforcement. Organizations can define and enforce data governance policies using Purview. This includes policies related to data retention, access controls, and compliance. Automated policy enforcement helps ensure that data is handled according to organizational guidelines.

  5. Integration with Other Microsoft Services. Purview integrates with various Microsoft services to provide a holistic data governance solution. This may include integration with Azure Information Protection for data protection, Azure Purview Data Map for a unified data view, and other Microsoft 365 services.

  6. Insights and Reporting. Purview offers insights into data usage, access patterns, and compliance metrics. Reporting tools within Purview help organizations monitor and evaluate their data governance initiatives.

IT Partner Responsibilities #

  1. Evaluate current data governance and management practices and identify gaps and areas for improvement.
  2. Formulate a tailored implementation plan to deploy Microsoft Purview aligning with the organization's goals.
  3. Set up and configure Microsoft Purview to provide a unified data governance environment.
  4. Establish data governance policies, processes, and workflows.
  5. Implement data privacy and protection measures.
  6. Ensure smooth transition and knowledge transfer for ongoing management.
  7. Provide ongoing post-implementation support.

Client Responsibilities #

  1. Provide necessary information and access to systems for assessment and implementation.
  2. Collaborate in reviewing the implementation plan and provide feedback.
  3. Engage in the training sessions and knowledge transfer activities provided.
  4. Participate in post-implementation reviews to ensure the system meets the desired objectives.

Additional Cost Items Not Provided by This Project #

  1. Any training sessions requested beyond the agreed scope.
  2. Extended support post-implementation beyond the standard support period.
  3. Requests for additional customization or features outside of the standard Microsoft Purview setup.

Prerequisites #

  1. Necessary access credentials to systems and data sources.
  2. Existing data governance policy or a draft that can be refined and implemented.
  3. Availability of key stakeholders for reviews and feedback throughout the project.
  4. The specific licenses needed may depend on the scale of your organization, the volume of data, and the features of Microsoft Purview that you plan to utilize.

Plan #

  1. Kick-off Meeting.
  2. Assessment and Planning.
  3. Deployment and Configuration.
  4. Training and Transition.
  5. Review and Optimization.

Success Criteria #

  1. Successful deployment and configuration of Microsoft Purview as per the agreed plan.
  2. Successful delivery of training and knowledge transfer to the client's team.


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Licensing SRV
Duration 30 days
Project Management Fee $1,500.00
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