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Service built to help you enhance the security of cloud applications and services.

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Long description Service built to help you enhance the security of cloud applications and services.
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Description #

In today's hybrid work environments, safeguarding Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and their data has become increasingly complex. With dispersed access to corporate resources and a surge in cloud app usage, organizations face heightened security challenges. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps provides an advanced security framework, encompassing comprehensive features to fortify SaaS application security and shield against evolving threats in modern cloud environments.

IT Partner Responsibilities #

  1. Validation and setup of prerequisite permissions for Defender for Cloud Apps.
  2. Direct configuration and implementation of Defender for Cloud Apps functionalities.
  3. Continuous technical oversight and support throughout the plan execution.
  4. Prerequisites: Defender for Cloud Apps trial is available as part of a Microsoft 365 E5 license or E5 Security and E5 Compliance add-ons.

Client Responsibilities #

  1. Facilitate necessary administrative role provisioning in alignment with IT Partner guidelines.
  2. Collaborate during the plan execution by providing organizational insights and requirements.
  3. Engage actively to ensure seamless integration and alignment with organizational objectives.

Plan #

  1. Set instant visibility, protection, and governance actions.
  2. Create DLP policies for sensitive information.
  3. Create Cloud Apps policies.
  4. Set up Cloud Discovery.
  5. Deploy Conditional Access App Control for catalog apps.
  6. Personalize the environment.
  7. Set up IP ranges and tags.

Success criteria #

  1. Heightened security measures with proactive app monitoring and threat detection.
  2. Enhanced protection of sensitive data through comprehensive app control and monitoring.
  3. Optimized data management aligned with organizational standards and frameworks.


Manufacturer IT Partner
Licensing SRV
Duration 14 days
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$ 4,500.00 per project
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