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This service includes tracking and revocation features, providing extra layers of security for your data to ensure that your sensitive information remains secure and controlled throughout its lifecycle.

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Long description This service includes tracking and revocation features, providing extra layers of security for your data to ensure that your sensitive information remains secure and controlled throughout its lifecycle.
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Description #

IT Partner is proud to offer Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MIP), a state-of-the-art, cloud-based solution that helps businesses to discover, classify, and protect their valuable documents and emails. Leveraging our expertise in delivering top-tier data security services, we apply labels to your content based on policies that are customized for your organization, offering robust data protection through encryption, identity, and authorization policies. Whether your team is working on PCs, tablets, or phones, IT Partner's implementation of Microsoft Purview Information Protection keeps your data secure.

Prerequisites #

  1. Active Azure Subscription. This is a necessary requirement to enable IT Partner to set up and manage MIP for your organization.
  2. Azure Active Directory. Our MIP service utilizes Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for sophisticated identity and access management.
  3. Licensing. To enjoy IT Partner’s comprehensive MIP services, you need either Azure Information Protection Plan 1 or Plan 2.
  4. Compatible Client Devices. IT Partner ensures smooth AIP operation on a range of devices including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.
  5. Network Connectivity. Stable network connectivity is essential for seamless AIP service delivery.

IT Partner responsibilities #

  1. Assessment and Planning. IT Partner will conduct a thorough assessment of the client's data environment, identify sensitive data and data sources, and create a customized MIP plan based on the client's needs and goals.
  2. Configuration and Deployment. IT Partner will configure and deploy the MIP solution according to the agreed-upon plan, ensuring that the client's data is classified, labeled, and protected according to the defined policies and rules.
  3. Testing and Validation. IT Partner will test the functionality and performance of the MIP solution, verify that the data protection and access policies are working as expected, and resolve any issues or errors that may arise.
  4. Training and Support. IT Partner will provide training and documentation to the client's staff on how to use the MIP solution, including how to apply labels, track and revoke access, and monitor activity. IT Partner will also offer ongoing support and maintenance for the MIP solution, as well as updates and enhancements as needed.

Client Responsibilities #

While IT Partner is dedicated to providing you with top-tier Microsoft Purview Information Protection services, certain responsibilities fall under the client's purview to ensure the success of the implementation. These include:

  1. Provision of Necessary Information and Access. The client must provide all necessary details related to their data and business requirements, and also ensure that IT Partner has the necessary access and permissions to software and hardware for the successful implementation of MIP.
  2. Active Participation in Planning and Implementation. The client should actively participate in the planning and implementation phases, providing timely feedback and approval to keep the project on track.
  3. Readiness for Changes. The client should prepare its staff for changes in how data is handled, including new procedures and protocols related to data protection.
  4. User Training. Although IT Partner provides training sessions, it is the client's responsibility to ensure that their staff attends these sessions and understands how to use the MIP client effectively.
  5. Regular Communication and Feedback. Maintain open lines of communication with IT Partner, providing feedback on the service and reporting any issues promptly for quick resolution.
  6. Compliance with Licensing Requirements. Ensure that all licensing requirements for Microsoft Purview Information Protection are met.

Plan #

  1. Planning Phase. We work closely with your organization to understand your data protection needs, identify sensitive information, and define classification labels and protection actions. This phase also involves the client providing necessary information, requirements, and giving IT Partner the access required to initiate the MIP setup.
  2. Setup Phase. IT Partner ensures that all pre-requisites are met for a successful MIP deployment. We work together with the client to verify necessary permissions, licenses, and client devices' compatibility.
  3. Configuration Phase. We expertly configure the Microsoft Purview Information Protection settings, including setting up classification labels and protection policies. At this stage, the client's input is crucial to define the data classification and protection policies that best align with the organization's needs.
  4. Deployment Phase. IT Partner facilitates the deployment of the MIP client to user devices, ensuring a seamless transition. The client's role here is to make sure that all users are ready to receive the new software and to facilitate any required access.
  5. Training and Communication Phase. IT Partner provides comprehensive training sessions and communicates the importance and usage of MIP to your end users. The client's responsibility here is to ensure that all users attend these sessions and are ready to adopt the new protocols.
  6. Monitoring Phase. Our job continues with regular monitoring of MIP usage and adjusting protection policies based on your evolving business requirements. The client should maintain regular communication with IT Partner during this phase, providing feedback and reporting any issues promptly for quick resolution.

Success Criteria #

  1. Successful implementation and usage of classification labels across your organization.
  2. Correct application of encryption and protection policies based on the classification labels.
  3. High user adoption rate of the MIP client within your organization, facilitated by IT Partner.
  4. Successful secure sharing of classified and protected documents internally and with external partners.
  5. Assurance of your organization's compliance with industry and regulatory data protection standards.
  6. Effective monitoring and continual improvement of data protection policies and practices, delivered by IT Partner.


Manufacturer IT Partner
Licensing SRV
Duration 10 days
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$ 6,000.00 per project
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