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This service is built to help organizations revolutionize their business with streamlined process automation powered by Office 365 solutions.

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Long description This service is built to help organizations revolutionize their business with streamlined process automation powered by Office 365 solutions.
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Description #

Experience a game-changing transformation of your business operations with Business Process Automation (BPA) – a strategic fusion of business process management and advanced IT systems. BPA empowers you to elevate your organization's performance, work quality, and cost-efficiency with our cutting-edge technology solutions.

Unlock the Full Potential of Business Process Automation:

  • Eradicate time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks.
  • Expedite information processing and transmission.
  • Integrate your organization or individual departments into a cohesive information ecosystem.
  • Generate automated reports and documents with ease.
  • Enhance database functionality for precise, comprehensive, and consistent results.
  • Minimize the risk of human error.
  • Boost employee productivity and efficiency.
  • Seamlessly unite your organization with standardized business processes and information systems.

Our goal is to meticulously plan, design and implement a range of automation services to develop the optimal solution tailored to your needs.

IT Partner responsibilities #

  1. Create approval workflows for new SharePoint items, complete with email notifications and an Approvals Center for easy management.
  2. Deploy time and location tracking with a single button tap, logging data directly to an Excel table.
  3. Implement real-time notifications for new sales leads generated through Dynamics 365 or Salesforce.
  4. Set up alerts for negative social media posts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Streamline user creation and approval processes.

Client responsibilities #

  1. Coordinate client resources and staff schedules.
  2. Designate a dedicated point of contact for collaboration with IT Partner.
  3. Grant necessary service account access and rights for implementation.
  4. Manage external vendor resources and timelines.
  5. Promptly review and approve engagement deliverables.
  6. Oversee and approve change management tickets (if applicable) within the client environment.

Prerequisites #

  1. You must have an appropriate Microsoft 365 subscription or should be prepared to purchase one.

Plan #

The plan may vary depending on your needs.

  1. Kickoff meeting.
  2. Prepare the statement of work and development plan.
  3. Control the development process (timeframe varies).
  4. Perform implementation and testing.
  5. Verify and fix issues if any.
  6. Project closure and acceptance.


Manufacturer IT Partner
Licensing SRV
Duration 5 days
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$ 500.00 per Project
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