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A uniquely integrated CASB

Microsoft Cloud App Security natively integrates with leading Microsoft solutions. It is designed with security professionals in mind—providing simple deployment, centralized management, and innovative automation capabilities.

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Discover and control the use of Shadow IT

Identify cloud apps and services used by your organization. Assess their risk levels and business readiness of >16,000 apps against >70 risk and start managing them to ensure security and compliance.






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Protect your sensitive information anywhere in the cloud

Understand, classify and protect the exposure of sensitive information at rest, or leverage out-of-the box policies and automated processes to apply controls in real-time - across all your cloud apps.





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Protect against cyberthreats and anomalies

Detect unusual behavior across cloud apps to identify ransomware, compromised users or rogue applications, analyze high-risk usage and remediate automatically to limit the risk to your organization.





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Assess the compliance of your cloud apps

Assess if your cloud apps meet relevant compliance requirements including regulatory compliance and industry standards. Prevent data leaks to non-compliant apps, and limit access to regulated data.

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