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Microsoft Office 365 Equivio eDiscovery - Subscription license - hosted - academic, student - Open Value Subscription - Open Student, add-on to Office 365 - All Languages

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Business Unit Office 365 Suites with Office
Product Distribution Type Academic
Pool Name Applications
Duration 12 Month(s)
Product Unit Office 365 Plan E5 Cloud Add-On
Start Effective Date 42491
Start Effective Date 42491
Unit Count 0
Volume Level No Level
Add Date 42491
Agreement Duration 1 Month
Country United States
License Count 0
License Type Open Value
Operating System Non-specific
Price Differentiator Non-specific
Program Open Value Subscription
Language All Languages
Long description O365AdvancedComplianceOpenStu ShrdSvr AllLng MonthlySubscriptions-VolumeLicense Academic OLV 1License NoLevel Student 1Month
Active 1

SKU 2ZW-00001

Manufacturer Office 365 Suites with Office
Product Monthly Subscriptions-VolumeLicense
Licensing OVS
Vertical Academic
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$ 26.87
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