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Microsoft Excel - Software assurance - 1 PC - GOV - OLP: Government

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Business Unit Standalone Office Apps
Product Distribution Type Local Government
Pool Name Applications
Replaces NEW
Duration Each
Super Division EDG Managed - Office License and HP
Product Unit Standalone Office Apps
Start Effective Date 01-Oct-2018
Start Effective Date 01-Oct-2018
Unit Count Non-specific
Volume Level No Level
UPC 659556844981
Add Date 01-Sep-2005
Agreement Duration Non-specific
Change Date 01-Oct-2018
Country United States
JanCode 4988648175471
Last Modified Date 30-Aug-2018
License Count 1 License
License Type OPEN
Name Differentiator Non-specific
Operating System Non-specific
Price Differentiator Non-specific
Program OPEN
Division Name Other OPG Office
Language English
Long description Microsoft Excel - Software assurance - 1 PC - GOV - OLP: Government
Active 1

SKU 065-03586

Manufacturer Microsoft
Product Software Assurance
Licensing OPEN
Vertical Local Government
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$ 101.94
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