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Microsoft Open Value Company-wide Licensing Program

Microsoft Open Value Company-Wide (OVW) is a volume licensing program that allows you to purchase licenses in installments for 3 years. Licenses procurement is accompanied by signing a 3-year Open Value Agreement between Microsoft and the purchaser (organization). The Open Value Company-wide offers substantial cost savings over Open Value Non-Company-wide pricing, as well as simplified license and budget tracking through standardization on the latest Microsoft technology across the enterprise. The term of the Agreement is 3 years. The agreement is in electronic form on the website eAgeements.

The program offers a full range of products for business - operating systems, desktop applications, server products, development tools. The Windows operating system is offered only as an upgrade license (Upgrade).

The Open Value Company Wide Agreement contains a mandatory section Basic Products, which includes CAL, Office and Windows Upgrade licenses. Licenses for Basic Products are offered at a reduced price in exchange for the customer's obligation to license all of their PCs in the organization. A set of licenses from 3 Base products is called Platform. Licenses included in the Platform have the lowest price. All other OVW licenses that are not included in the Basic Products section are absolutely identical to the OVL licenses – and can be purchased for any number of computers.

OVW licenses provide perpetual rights to use current and previous versions of products. The cost of the licenses includes a subscription to the Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) support program, which provides the right to upgrade to new versions of products and some additional benefits during the validity period of the OV Agreement (3 years). Upon termination of the Agreement, you can purchase single licenses for SA renewal. The rights to use the products provided by the OVW licenses are set forth in the official Microsoft Product Terms (MPT) document.

Regulatory documents:

Microsoft Product Terms (MPT)

Description of purchasing process of the OLP licenses:

  1. Select licenses in the Catalog
  2. Open the Basket
  3. Place an order
  4. Wait for a notification from the eEgreements website to your E-mail
  5. Verify and confirm the OV Agreement on the eEgreements website
  6. Pay the bill
  7. Get licenses in electronic form, keys and distributions on the Microsoft VLSC website

Repeat steps 1, 2, 3, 7  after 1 and 2 years

  • Number of Desktop PCs:5 or more
  • Products Included:The Microsoft Office System, Windows operating system upgrade, Core CAL Small Business CAL, and Enterprise Business Server CAL. Additional licensed products are available as needed.
  • Licensing Offerings:License and Software Assurance (L&SA) and Software Assurance renewals.
  • Software Maintenance Option:Each License and Software Assurance order counts as one order toward initial minimum of five License and Software Assurance orders. Subsequent orders can be as small as one License and Software Assurance order. Renewal of Software Assurance coverage acquired through any Microsoft Volume Licensing program also qualifies for participation in Open Value Non-Company-wide and Open Value Company-wide
  • Pricing:Minimum of five License and Software Assurance or Software Assurance–only orders. In EMEA, a volume discount applies to customers who order licenses for at least 250 PCs through their initial order.
  • Agreement Term:Three years, renewable
  • Payment Options:Annual payments or up front
  • How to Buy:Contact us
  • Product Fulfillment:One copy of media is shipped free upon the initial order of every product. Additional media must be obtained separately at an additional cost. Customers can also download software from Microsoft Volume License Services
  • Software Assurance:Software Assurance is included at the time of software license acquisition and can be used immediately throughout the term of the licensing agreement.
  • Online Services:Offered