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Microsoft Open Value Subscription Licensing Program

Open Value Subscription (OVS) is a low cost easy way to license all the latest Microsoft software via one simple three year rental agreement. OVS is specifically designed as the optimum licensing solution for companies with 5 to 250 desktops. At the end of the three year agreement, customers have the choice to either extend the agreement, buy out the software or discontinue usage.


Why Choose Open Value Subscription?


  • Low Cost Option – As a rental agreement OVS is a cost effective licensing agreement for small and medium sized companies.
  • Access to Latest Versions of Microsoft Products – OVS customers can automatically use the latest software available from Microsoft, ensuring they get the benefits of the best Microsoft has to offer.
  • Pay According to Use – Customers only pay for software actually installed. Each year, customers can increase and decrease the number of desktops as need be to support their business requirements and only pay annually for the revised number of desktops.
  • Up-to Date Discount – -> Customers' existing investment in Office is recognized and rewarded by up to a 50% discount in year 1 of the agreement.
  • Simplified Licensing Management – One simple agreement can cover a customer’s entire organization, with a simple on-line tool showing the exact licensing position. No more managing the complexity of different licensing types on different pieces of paper. All a customer needs to do is check software deployment and make a payment once a year.
  • Simplified Budgeting, Ordering and Price Protection – Customers receive a predictable invoice once a year for all software covered under the agreement, streamlining budgeting and ordering. Where usage of covered products increases, prices are fixed at the initial value for the 3 years.
  • Reduced Risks of License Non-compliance – Managing licensing can be complex, but a company covered by an OVS agreement is considered compliant during the 3 years of the agreement, eliminating uncertainty and the worry that accompanies it.
  • Employees can use Office at Home – Employees can install and use Office on their home PCs free of charge, helping productivity, teleworking and training.
  • Information Worker Solution Services – Customers can participate in one and two day workshops delivered free of charge by Microsoft designed to help them get practical, tailored information and blueprints to help them maximize the benefits of desktop software..
  • Technical Support – Customers can qualify for a TechNet Plus subscription, 24/7 Problem Resolution Phone Support and Microsoft Professional Support Incidents.
  • Training Support – OVS Customers get free vouchers for classroom training from official Microsoft training partners. Employees get access to on-line Microsoft learning courses.
  • Cold Backup Server Licenses – Any server covered by OVS qualifies for a complimentary “cold” back-up for disaster recovery.
  • Possible Tax Benefits – Since OVS is a rental agreement it may be possible to treat the cost as an expense rather than a capital expenditure. Customers must seek their own tax advice.


Due to the complex legal nature of licensing, OVS is designed to provide choice and simplify licensing for small and medium size companies. In order to qualify for an OVS contract, customers must order at least one of the following: Windows Pro Upgrade, Office Professional, Office Small Business Edition, Windows Small Business Server CAL or Core CAL.


Actual contract details and other information about OVS are available at:-


Additional information on Software Assurance benefits of OVS



The program offers a full range of products for businesses: operating systems, desktop applications, server products, and development tools. The Windows operating system is offered only as an upgrade license.

The Open Value Subscription contains mandatory Basic Products, which include CAL, Office and Windows Upgrade licenses. Licenses for Basic Products are offered at a reduced price in exchange for the customer's obligation to license all of their PCs in the organization. A set of licenses comprised of 3 Base products is called a Platform. Licenses included in a Platform have the lowest prices. All other OVS licenses that are not included in the Basic Products section are absolutely identical to the OVL licenses and can be purchased for any number of computers.

Regulatory documents:

Microsoft Product Terms (MPT)


Description of purchasing process of the OLP licenses:

  1. Select licenses in the Catalog
  2. Open the Basket
  3. Place an order
  4. Wait for a notification from the eEgreements website in your email
  5. Verify and confirm the OV Agreement on the eEgreements website
  6. Pay the bill
  7. Get licenses in electronic form, keys and distributions on the Microsoft VLSC website

Repeat steps 1, 2, 3, 7  after 1 and 2 years

  • Number of Desktop PCs: 5 or more
  • Products Included: The Microsoft Office System, Windows operating system upgrade, Core CAL, Small Business CAL, and Enterprise Business Server CAL. Additional licensed products are available as needed.
  • Platform Option: Customers can standardize organization-wide on licensed products on one or all three of the Enterprise products available—Office, Operating Systems, and CAL.
  • Licensing Offerings: License and Software Assurance (L&SA) and Buy-out Option.
  • Software Maintenance Option: Each License and Software Assurance order counts as one order toward initial minimum of five License and Software Assurance orders. Subsequent orders can be as small as one L&SA order
  • Pricing: Minimum of five License and Software Assurance orders. In EMEA, a volume discount applies to customers who order licenses for at least 250 PCs through their initial order
  • Agreement Term: Three years, renewable
  • Payment Options: Annual payments for License and Software Assurance (not for Buy-out)
  • How to Buy: Contact us
  • Product Fulfillment: One copy of media is shipped free upon the initial order of every product. Additional media must be obtained separately at an additional cost. Customers can also download software from Microsoft Volume License Services.
  • Software Assurance: Software Assurance is included at the time of software license acquisition and can be used immediately and throughout the term of the licensing agreement.
  • Online Services: Offered