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Microsoft Full Packaged Product (FPP)

A full Packaged Product (FPP) is the retail version of a Microsoft licensed product. FPPs are sold in stores in shrink-wrapped boxes. Each box includes media (a CD-ROM or DVD), an end user's guide and other packaging items, such as promotions for other Microsoft software products or services.

FPP licenses are purchased at retail and provide a quick and convenient way for customers requiring less than five licenses to purchase their software. Licenses sold through FPP are either full licenses or upgrade licenses. A full license does not require any pre-existing versions of the software to be on the machine it is installed on, whereas an upgrade license allow you to cost effectively upgrade to a newer version of software that you are already licensed for.

When you purchase FPP software you are entering into an agreement with Microsoft stating that you will adhere to the usage rights associated with the software. These rights include details such as downgrade rights, which you generally do not get with FPP software; how many devices you are allowed to install the software on; whether you have the right to move the software to another computer (transfer rights) or not; and, nowadays, whether you are allowed to use the software for commercial use or not.

The usage rights for FPP software are laid out in the Microsoft Software Licence Terms document, which can be downloaded from this site: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/IntellectualProperty/UseTerms/Default.aspx.

Microsoft does also provide limited support services for software that has been licensed via the FPP channel, details of which can be found here: http://support.microsoft.com/common/international.aspx.

Description of purchasing process of the OLP licenses:

  1. Select FPP in the Catalog
  2. Open the Basket
  3. Place an order
  4. Pay the bill
  5. Get your order