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    Microsoft offers a variety of tools, including Microsoft Teams, Visio, and Power BI to help employees measure and understand sales performance so they can make decisions that have a positive impact.

    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams provides a central hub for conversations, documents, data, and resources that everyone uses to do their job. The Conversations tab keeps team members in touch with what they're working on and enables them to share information and documents.

    The Files tab helps everyone stay on the same page with the latest sales numbers, marketing collateral, and sales documents. Visio is a great tool for visualizing and communicating complex processes.

    Power BI dashboard in Teams will give you a look at how your team is performing right now, including revenue against target and the status of those leads. Here you can also look at individual opportunities, check on their status, and filter data by sales stage.

    Visio in Power BI

    The Power BI dashboard is great for keeping up on the sales KPIs, but you can always go deeper. Using Power BI and Microsoft Visio enables you to visualize the performance of the sales journey, right in Power BI. The Visio visual for Power BI makes it easy to embed shared Visio diagrams into Power BI and gain highly visual insights into data.

    Adding Visio to your Power BI dashboard lets you associate it with a data table that captures performance KPIs related to the sales process. With Visio, you can visualize this process alongside the data that's relevant to it. This control gives you the ability to view the visual in multiple ways.

    This visualization is great, but in order to get the insights you are looking for, you need to connect it with live data. The Field Mapping pane allows you to control how each data field is shown on the page. Visio and Power BI automatically bind the sales data to the diagram, but you can also do this manually or make adjustments.

    You can always share your dashboard with the team so they can use it to track their efforts in the future.

    Power BI, Visio, and Teams make it easy for you to share your insights, giving your team members valuable information that's presented in the context of work, continuously updated to reflect the latest reality. Back in Microsoft Teams, the pinned dashboard is automatically updated with the diagram.

    Microsoft Visio helps organizations visualize complex information and derive actionable insights.


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