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    Microsoft Teams Phone, a new modern calling solution

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    Over the past two years, the telephony space has been experiencing significant changes. And now is the right time to modernize your existing calling solution and invest in the new calling experience adding leverage to your business.

    Microsoft has invested a lot in building the best virtual meeting tool that provides both, a modern calling experience for users and an easy-to-manage solution for admins. Microsoft Teams Phone is a calling service from Microsoft Teams to help you make richer and more productive calls. The newest developments of Microsoft Teams Phone meet the needs of various organizations helping them embrace the future of calling.

    Microsoft Teams Phone supports both technologies, public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). But the world is rapidly shifted to virtual meetings, and it is becoming even more apparent that the future of calls between organizations will increasingly occur over VoIP. VoIP phone system routes calls over an Internet connection, offering rich calling experiences such as video and screen sharing. It is essential for hybrid workers to stay productive wherever they are and across a range of devices. Teams Phone is designed to meet the changing needs of the modern work environment, enabling your users to securely connect with voice or video calling, screensharing or chat.

    Microsoft Teams Phone, a new modern calling solution]

    Incorporate Microsoft Teams Phone into your flow of work

    Microsoft has announced new Teams Phone capabilities to help you better prepare for the future of calling:

    • Voice-enabled channels.
      This capability allows you to add calling to the Teams channels where you already chat and collaborate as well as to assign a phone number to an entire Teams channel, enabling anyone in that channel to pick up the call.

    • Easy-to-use call transfers.
      Teams Phone offers the ability to seamlessly move a call between your devices.

    • Music on hold.
      This function will be available for two calling scenarios: VoIP calls and during consult and transfer situations.

    • Native Bluetooth Connectivity.
      Now you can easily connect to a call using Teams certified devices without the need for a dongle. It allows you to easily answer your calls from the headsets or use the Teams button for quick actions.

    Microsoft Teams Phone, a new modern calling solution]

    Integrate your existing telephony with Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft has built strong relationships with operators to ensure all users have seamless reliable calls and guarantee simple transition from your compatible SIP phones to Teams. Microsoft has also announced the expansion of Teams Phone capabilities to connect your existing PSTN calling with Teams:

    • All-in-one digital Contact Center Solution.
      This capability leverages the power of Microsoft Teams. It brings together unified communication as a service, contact center as a service and customer service capabilities all under one integrated SaaS solution. It allows you to use bots for simple questions or connect with a live agent. It is built directly into the Teams and Dynamics 365 experience to help you easily connect agents and customers with chat, voice, and video for a multimodal experience.

    • Your own Contact Center.
      Teams Phone integrates with other contact center solutions. So, there is no need to select, deploy and train your agents on a new contact center solution. With Teams Phone you can be sure you will have a seamless and reliable integration.

    • Operator Connect.
      This capability allows organizations to save on infrastructure costs and setup, by simply adding services from any other operator. It makes it easy to bring over your existing operator PSTN service and phone numbers into Microsoft Teams.

    Microsoft Teams Phone, a new modern calling solution]

    Microsoft has designed a natural and rich end user experience with Teams, also giving admins the tools to be successful in their calling deployments. Teams Phone offers the most complete way to add calling into the flow of your work to ensure users have a reliable connection. We live in a hybrid world where your calling service has to work no matter where you are. And Teams Phone perfectly suits your needs while it lives across multiple devices and exists inside of your Teams with all your internal contacts and groups.

    IT Partner team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Teams Phone and help you with the seamless Set Up of your Microsoft Teams Phone System.


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