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    Our world is changing faster than ever. The amount of data we analyze and process is increasing each day. A lot of operations and systems people must manage while on the go. Microsoft Search increases your capacity and helps you find data you need, whether at work, at home, or on the go. Microsoft Search makes it simple to search enterprise content across Microsoft 365 via a consistent user experience; it delivers relevant, personalized results -- secure for the enterprise.

    Microsoft Search was introduced to address common search related issues.

    1. An explosion of internet and intranet content -- more content is now available across the enterprise and online.
    2. The enterprise search experience hasn't changed in the past 10 years -- it's still serving lots of blue links, but lacking tools to differentiate between them.
    3. In general, search wasn't really helping users accomplish tasks -- just navigate through the surfaced links.

    Microsoft Search breaks the enterprise search mold by offering users:

    • better, more contextual results
    • a richer, more consistent and organized user experience
    • quick access to information needed to accomplish key tasks

    All Microsoft products are making a bold bet on the importance of search by putting the Microsoft Search box in the header across the Microsoft 365 suite of applications. Microsoft Search is proactive, contextual, and coherent. Microsoft Search leverages advanced computing technologies, like deep learning for better semantic understanding of search queries. Semantic understanding allows people to search for information using the natural language and phrases we speak every day, whether typed into a search field in an application or spoken to a virtual assistant.

    Microsoft has improved Search to achieve better results across work and life. Great results start with a great place to start your search, and Bing delivers a stunning, high-definition image daily. The Bing home page is also a high-performance page optimized for use as a blank start page.

    Microsoft has embedded a Bing homepage quiz hotspot into the image to help consumers learn about the image context in detail -- there is a hidden multiple-choice question based upon the image of the day on the bottom right of the screen.

    Answering the question opens a relevant search results page where you can find out if your answer was correct and explore related content for a deeper understanding. Bing also provides quick access to recent homepage images, and interesting facts related to this day in history.

    Microsoft Search is a new search experience that retrieves information from a school or organization, like files and company data, and displays them in a single, unified experience.

    Microsoft Search understands your intent and the kind of information you are likely looking for by integration with the Microsoft Graph. It boosts your capacity and delivers search results from your workplace.

    While at work, you can explore the intelligence of Microsoft Search to access information within Microsoft 365. Microsoft Search's results include local and organizational content. Whether searching for people, office locations, or files, you can easily find it all in Microsoft 365.

    Search and discovery tools make people and content more accessible and allow you to gain a broad view of contextual information across your company.

    It is simple to reach out to your colleagues by clicking on their contact card to quickly send an email, chat, or call with Outlook, Teams, or Skype for Business, and find the location of their office for a face-to-face conversation.

    Intelligent file recommendations powered by Microsoft Search are based on the Microsoft Graph and its understanding of how people work, who they work with, and activity in content shared with them across Microsoft 365. With intelligent file recommendations, users get suggestions they are more likely to click on than those surfaced by rule-based algorithms like the most recently used files.

    However, Microsoft Search is more than just files. Enhanced people search lets you identify the right people in your company by using attributes, such as designer, to provide answers or help quickly. The deep, contextual information returned by Microsoft Search helps you boost your productivity and reduces the friction of switching between apps and browser tabs.

    In the near future, Microsoft will enable hero search scenarios, such as "skill" or "subject matter expert" by making this part of the underlying platform that powers Microsoft Search and the search capabilities of Microsoft Assistant. The breadth of Microsoft Search lets you immediately find relevant information across the web and your company, surfacing that content where you are actively working.

    SharePoint mobile app helps you stay updated while away from your computer. Even on mobile, the search experience is intuitive and delivers the same great results.

    Microsoft Search presents a consistently integrated experience across the entire portfolio of Microsoft's applications and empowers people by intelligently finding relevant content quickly, both on the web and across an organization. Search wherever you are -- you'll get the same great results and experience, secured for the enterprise.


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