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    What is the best way to purchase Microsoft 365 subscriptions or standalone plans?

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    What is the best way to purchase Microsoft 365 subscriptions or standalone plans?

    You can purchase your Microsoft 365 subscription in a few different ways (or channels):

    1. Through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Best for any number of users.
    2. Directly from Microsoft through their website. Best for 1-10 users.
    3. In a Microsoft Volume Licensing channel (cheapest option, annual commitment). Not recommended.
    4. Via your EA agreement, from your Microsoft Large Account Reseller (custom terms).

    Please call or email us if you want to discuss the Volume Licensing option. Otherwise, we recommend you go with the best overall option, which is the CSP.

    [So, why purchase your subscriptions in CSP, or why switch to CSP from Direct or any other licensing channel?]{.underline}

    • Access to new plans -- All new Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365 plans appear ONLY in the CSP channel. Microsoft's goal is to slowly decommission the Advisor (direct) model you are using right now. So, it's better to switch sooner rather than later.
    • Free consulting support Depending on how much you spend each month, you may get a certain number of free consulting hours from us, which you can spend on anything IT-related.
    • Better terms and no cancellation fees There's no commitment if you purchase in the CSP (compare with annual commitment for all enterprise (E1-E5) and standalone plans and 25% cancellation fee).
    • Free break-fix support -- You get support from us AND from Microsoft. Both. It makes sense to have an MS Gold Partner on your side in case something happens -- it's easier to reach us than Microsoft. We have years of experience working with Microsoft and we can escalate complex issues faster and better...
    • It's not a benefit but worth mentioning. In the CSP channel, the price is the same as when you purchase directly from Microsoft.

    To move forward with CSP, you need to do the following:

    1. Complete our short New Customer Application form
    2. Authorize Tech Data (an official Microsoft distributor) to provision licenses to your tenant by clicking this URL
    3. Optional: Authorize IT Partner if you want to get consulting and IT support from us by clicking this URL

    After that, we will do everything else:

    1. Provision CSP licenses to your tenant.
    2. Work with Microsoft to cancel Advisor (direct) licenses and get a refund for the unused portion of your direct subscription, if any.
    3. Send you an invoice for licenses purchased in the CSP channel.


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