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What is Software Assurance and what benefits it provides?

What is Software Assurance and what benefits it provides?

Software Assurance for Volume Licensing includes a range of benefits that span Microsoft software and services. Software Assurance helps boost organizational productivity with 24×7 technical support, deployment planning services, end-user and technical training, exclusive technologies and rights, and the latest Microsoft software releases and unique technologies—all in one cost-effective program.

Software Assurance Benefits

Planning services

Get in-depth planning assistance from qualified partners or Microsoft Services to help you plan your deployment, whether on-premises or in the cloud. These structured engagements help you plan your deployment of the latest Microsoft technology and are available for many products and services.

  • Help ensure efficient deployments through collaborative planning built on best practices.
  • Gain expert advice through structured engagements provided by qualified partners.

Download the Software Assurance Planning Services overview (PDF, 365 KB)

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Technical and End-User Training

Your organization thrives on successful employees, efficient process, and the right technology. Software Assurance promotes all three with training that helps you empower employees, design process, and plan your IT deployments. Class-based and online courses are designed to help you realize the return on your investment by providing the targeted information you need for effective and efficient deployment, management, and support of new Microsoft technologies.

Training Vouchers for technical training

Build heroes within your organization. IT professionals and developers can improve their existing skills and master new technologies with in-depth, instructor-led training. Use training vouchers for technical classroom training taught by Microsoft Learning Partners. Developed by Microsoft experts, these IT courses help hone skills and build new ones, helping technical staff get the job done today, and make key contributions in the future.

Online E-Learning for end-user training

Successful employees are a key ingredient for an agile business, and well-timed training can help them reach their full potential. Individual, self-paced interactive online courses help your employees prepare to excel. The training that you get with Software Assurance helps promote end-user readiness and excitement about what’s next and what’s possible.

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Home Use Program

Your employees will welcome the opportunity to get a copy of Microsoft Office software for use at home. The Microsoft Office Home Use Program (HUP) provides your employees a way to buy low-cost downloads of the Microsoft Office applications they use at work, including the latest versions of Office, Visio, Project, and Skype for Business. And it’s a truly global benefit, available in 42 languages to employees around the world.

The Home Use Program provides both employees and organizations with exceptional value; when employees use the same software at home that they use at work, they can gain skills and boost productivity with powerful and familiar applications. Your unique HUP company code and their work email address is all they need to get started—and after employees have downloaded their software, they get similarly discounted upgrades through the length of your organization’s active Software Assurance agreement.

With HUP, you get both the software your employees want, and additional materials to help you get the word out to your organization.

Let your employees join the more than 15 million others to date who have taken advantage of the Home Use Program!

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Additional benefits

Planning, training, and home use are popular benefits, but Software Assurance doesn’t stop there. You get a broad range of benefits that help you make the most of your Windows, Office, and server products. Unique technologies, services, and rights help you deploy, manage, and use Microsoft products efficiently. And specialized benefits—such as the option to spread out payments over time—can help you forecast your annual technology budget up to three years in advance.

Discover the value of Software Assurance for your business. The Software Assurance benefits interactive chart (PDF, 768 KB) provides an overview of Software Assurance benefits as well as basic eligibility information.

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