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Can we install Office products on an iPad? What license do we need to buy?

The single Office Volume License permits you to install/access Office in a 3 ways:

  1. install on licensed device
  2. install on portable device
  3. install on network device.

So if you have a device that is licensed with Office already, the primary user of that device can install Office on their iPad without needing an additional Office license. But if you don’t already own the license, purchase a single Office VL for that iPad and be done.

This licensing info can be found in the Microsoft Product Terms:
Desktop Applications
Device License

  1. Customer may install any number of copies of the software on a Licensed Device and on any Server dedicated to Customer’s use for each License it acquires.
  2. Unless Customer licenses the software as an Enterprise Product or on a company-wide basis, it may also install the software on a single portable device for use by the Primary User of the Licensed Device.
  3. Any number of users may use the software running on a Licensed Device, but only one user may access and use the software at a time.
  4. Remote use of the software running on a Licensed Device is permitted for the Primary User from any device or for any other user from another Licensed Device.
  5. Remote use of the software running on a Server dedicated to Customer’s use is permitted for any user from a Licensed Device.

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