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    The Evolution of Phishing

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    Information protection is crucial for all enterprises, and phishing has become a real threat to most of them. Phishing campaigns hit new levels of quality and sophistication, and even the latest spam filters let them through.

    Your sensitive data is being exploited by some sort of phishing attack all the time. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 continuously identifies tons of various malicious URLs and email attachments and prevents them from reaching your mailboxes. Microsoft Threat Protection offers high-quality assistance to keep your business and employees safe. Microsoft reveals some sophisticated techniques attackers use to abuse different legitimate cloud services.

    Hijacked search results

    Phishing attacks have become increasingly clever over recent years. This new technique implies the use of URLs that point to a legitimate source but route to compromised websites. This enables cybercriminals to send spoofing emails with legitimate URLs and trusted domains. Your employees can easily fall victim to such attacks by just clicking the Google link, as this will redirect them to a hacker-controlled phishing website.

    404 Not Found pages

    Another technological approach phishers use to hide phishing links is to use multiple URLs and multiple domains for their attacks, such as Custom 404 pages. It looks like a legitimate Microsoft account sign-in page and redirects employees to a fake phishing page.

    Man-in-the-Middle phishing attack

    Lately, it has become exceedingly difficult to spot and mitigate phishing attempts. Cybercriminals have improved their skills in impersonation and become a real threat to all types of organizations. Hackers use a man-in-the-middle component to collect company data like logos, content, and images. Attackers spread out emails with URLs redirecting to an attacker-controlled server that detects information based on the recipient's email address and then gathers data specific to that organization.

    Microsoft Defender for Office 365

    Spoofing emails are very stealthy, and as long as cybercriminals stay undetected, they can easily trick employees into revealing confidential company data. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a great way to defend your users from malicious phishing scams at the early stages of campaigns. It offers protection solutions and advanced security technologies that block all the phishing attempts in real time.


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