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    Security-related links and resources

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    Below you will see a list of security-related links.

    Microsoft 365 Documentation for IT

    Microsoft Trust Center

    Microsoft Tech community

    Security with Passwords:

    Bill Burr from NIST, Article on Passwords -

    Secure Score

    Security within Exchange

    Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection ---
    Exchange Online Protection ---

    Device Security

    Enterprise Mobility & Security ---
    Multifactor Authentication ---
    Windows Defender Security Intelligence ---

    Microsoft Identity Manager

    Information and Data Loss Prevention

    Overview of Information Protection ---
    Azure Information Protection unified labeling client: Version release information ---
    Overview of data loss prevention policies ---
    Create a DLP policy from a template ---
    Encryption in Microsoft 365 ---

    Threat Intelligence

    Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence Overview ---
    Office 365 Threat Intelligence ---

    Azure Resources

    Azure Cloud Security Certificates ---
    Azure AD Connect ---


    Assign eDiscovery permissions ---
    Overview of retention policies ---

    Windows Desktop App Management


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