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Password Expiration Policy Has Expired

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Microsoft released the May 2019 update of security requirements for desktop and server systems, in which regular periodic password changes no longer appear.

IT security is considered an important priority for business. Regularly required password change, as one of the possible ways to provide safety, is widely spread in modern practice, although this process is undesirable for users, and its efficiency is questionable. Some people consider sufficient to simply change one character at the end of the line to create a new password.

The practice of regular password change causes a lot of inconveniences – you need to create a new password, remember it, enter it on several devices, besides, entering a really strong password from a mobile phone is an extremely uncomfortable process. All this distracts attention, takes a lot of time and interrupts work, but many people have to take such measures for the sake of safety. But is it really necessary to suffer from all these inconveniences now?

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Microsoft released the May 2019 update of security requirements for desktop and server systems, in which regular periodic password changes no longer appear. Here is an official blog post with a list of changes to the Windows 10 v 1903 version (pay attention to the phrase Dropping the password-expiration policies that require periodic password changes). The rules and system policies of Windows 10 Version 1903 and Windows Server 2019 Security Baseline are included in the Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit 1.0 package.

Now, this requirement can be considered outdated, the modern realities of the IT world have changed.

Considering the importance of password security and the fact that it was difficult for the IT department to solve this problem for a long time, Microsoft explains why they abandoned this practice and mentions the following points:

  • If an employee sets his own password, it is often too simple and easy enough to guess or predict, having some information about the employee.
  • If an employee is assigned a complex password automatically, this password cannot be remembered and too often people write it down so that it can be seen by others, or store passwords in an unsafe repository as plain text, which makes it very convenient to steal a password even for a non-skilled attacker.
  • Such regular password change leads to simple adding or changing predictable characters. And if the password or its hash is compromised, this can be extremely difficult to detect.

How many days is it acceptable for an attacker to use a password? Windows default time is 42 days, but don’t you think this is impermissible long?

And even more frequent password change will turn the work of employees into agony.

What to do?

The new security standard is created for companies that have modern security management solutions implemented, appropriate policies and restrictions configured, regular monitoring of activity and timely response to suspicious activity.

It is also can serve as a guide for auditors. If such an organization has implemented banned password lists, multifactor authentication, brute-force password attack and abnormal login attempt detection, does a password need to be periodically expired? And if they have not implemented modern protection solutions, will password expiration help them?

Microsoft principles are simple and clear. There are two options:

  1. The company has modern protection solutions implemented.
  2. The company has modern protection solutions not implemented.

In the first case, regular password changes only create problems for employees but do not increase the level of security.

In the second case, regular password changes are simply useless.

Thus, multifactor authentication must be used first instead of the password expiration. Additional security measures are listed above: banned password lists, brute-force password attack and abnormal login attempt detection.


If a company forces users to regular password changes, what can a third-party observer think?

Given: the company uses an archaic security solution.
Supposition: the company had not implemented modern protection solutions.
Conclusion: these passwords are easier to access and use.

It turns out that the periodic password change makes the company a more attractive target for attacks.

We agree with the Microsoft policy and strongly recommend you to start using modern methods of security managing and data protection.

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