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IT and cybersecurity risks have become a big concern to enterprises. Yet, recognizing, analyzing and managing risk is rather challenging and takes too much time. Microsoft Compliance Score helps IT admins efficiently assess and control risks, manage data security controls and boost the score.

Microsoft Compliance Score offers more than 10 out-of-box assessments that facilitate risk management around data security. The score involves key regulations and standards for data protection and general data governance. It is easy to check your score breakdown by category, such as data security, govern info and manage devices. It is simple to assign tasks to the admins who specialize on a specific area to enhance the category score. With the help of the solution page you can observe your remaining points and improvement actions to decide on the solutions that require immediate attention.

The assessment page contains the assessments that measure the compliance readiness of a product against a regulation or a standard and offer a clear view of the number of actions managed by customers and by Microsoft.

Compliance Manager offers Microsoft controls that contribute to your compliance score. It helps you automatically assess part or your technical actions by scanning through your Microsoft 365 environments and detecting your system settings.

With Compliance Manager it is simple to search for the action you are looking for and assign it to your colleague. The built-in workflow tool lets you collaborate across teams using Compliance Score. You can also upload evidence and other relevant supporting documentation attached to the action here, as well as add your implementation details here as a record.

Another very powerful capability in Compliance Score is the built-in control mapping. As regulation and standards evolve rapidly with more than 220 updates from 1000 regulatory bodies every day, it`s very challenging for enterprises to stay updated with the landscape. With this feature, organizations can better scale their compliance program to meet multiple requirements with one action.

Microsoft Compliance Score allows you to evaluate your data security controls with a risk-based score, receive assistance on how to reduce compliance risk and enhance your data protection controls as well as leverage the built-in control mapping to scale your compliance program.

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