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    Today, small and mid-sized businesses face a host of technology challenges, like keeping hardware current, dealing with a mobile workforce, and protecting company data from cybersecurity threats.

    Microsoft 365 Business is a complete, integrated solution powered by Office 365 and Windows 10 designed to help securely run and grow businesses. Get more done with intelligent tools built into the Office you love, along with enterprise-grade email and file storage.

    Outlook has a rich, immersive interface and enterprise grade email features like a focused view of the inbox that prioritizes important emails. You can focus on communications that deserve your attention and respond faster without being bogged down by clutter. You even get a 50 GB mailbox in Microsoft 365 Business, so you don't have to work within the constraints of a small mailbox and delete important emails. You can reply, forward the message, or even reply all with a meeting.

    With a single click, Outlook conveniently sets you up with a meeting, and it even chooses the first available time that is free for you and your customer! Usually the main scheduling hassle is spending time figuring out when all the parties are free.

    Even if Outlook has chosen a certain time, it is always possible to change this to another day and again Outlook automatically picks a time that is convenient to both. This feature easily saves you time and effort by automatically finding the available time slot, allowing you to triage your actions faster.

    You can easily check your calendar right from your mailbox. It has intelligent features built in, like location and weather. It is simple to add multiple calendars to get a consolidated view.

    Work better together

    Work better together with Microsoft Teams and collaborate as a group with co-workers, customers, and suppliers. Microsoft Teams is ideal for working in a group. Typically, group members have trouble keeping track of all the various threads. It gets hard to track this over email. Also, the documents are scattered.

    For example, say Megan has created a team site that acts as a central repository for all launch activities, so her team has a single workspace to access and view content. Design channel allows you to see what the design team has been up to, thanks to the persistent chat feature. This is also a great feature for when new members join the team. They can easily see previous conversations and get up to speed quickly.

    Teams enables a free flow of conversation where the design team can collaborate and trade ideas in a single persistent chat. Teams is also perfect for light-hearted banter, with its support for GIFs and stickers.

    Another great Teams feature is that all team members can access their files in a single place, which saves time and enables collaboration. Instead of emailing each other documents, Teams serves as a central repository for documents that are current and synchronized so everybody can work off the same document.

    It is easy to add and integrate other apps in a team to make the workflow richer. For example, you can add the OneNote app to take notes, or add forms if you want to conduct a poll or survey. The team has added OneNote to track notes from previous design reviews. You can use this to catch up on the meetings that have taken place.

    Team members can even schedule online meetings and conferencing in Teams. With a few clicks, you can invite an entire group to a meeting, for example, Megan scheduling a design review with her design team. All you do is choose the channel and voila, a meeting is added to the calendars of all design channel members, making it easier to meet as a group. You don't have to type each name individually. Once the meeting is created, a meeting link is automatically sent, so all attendees have a conference bridge they can click on to attend. No need to remember any conference ID or anything. Just a click to enter.

    Teams also includes one-on-one chat, where users can privately chat on team matters. With Teams chat functionality, you can easily elevate the conversation into a phone call.

    Teams is a single hub that brings together people, groups, and content. With the ability to chat, access files, and even get on calls, Teams is a great application that enhances and simplifies collaboration needs.

    Grow your business

    Business-specific apps like Bookings are designed to help businesses grow by improving the efficiency of your operations, attracting new customers, and maintaining relationships with the customers you already have. You can use the Bookings app, available in Microsoft 365 Business, to effectively manage your business and view your customer appointments for weeks.

    This is a typical Bookings page that businesses can set up for their customers to use. On the Bookings page, it is possible to set up a simple and familiar web-facing page, which simplifies how customers book and manage appointments with your business.

    You can easily create, customize, and publish an online booking page where new and returning customers can schedule business services 24/7.
    You can also configure scheduling policies, staff, services, and prices quickly from one location.

    All bookings made by customers on the online page are added to the staff calendar and updates sent to customers and staff as they are made.

    Safeguard your business

    Microsoft 365 Business safeguards businesses by protecting companies against external threats, like phishing and malicious emails. With Advanced Threat Protection built into Microsoft 365 Business, every link and every attachment is scanned and checked. When you click the suspicious link, you are prevented from accessing a suspicious website. The service checks every link on your behalf, every time. Advanced Threat Protection also scans every attachment for suspicious content using AI-powered analysis and discards suspicious content before it reaches a mailbox.

    It's not just external threats that you must monitor, it's also important to transmit sensitive information securely. It is possible to encrypt the entire message so a recipient receives it securely and must take certain actions to open it. Such user-initiated information protection features again shows the enterprise-grade security features built into Microsoft 365 Business.

    On device mobile security

    You can easily access your work apps on your device, including emails, files, or team, and you have a chance to respond on the go with Outlook, OneDrive, and the Teams app.

    If you check into your OneDrive app to access your files, you are immediately asked for a PIN password. This Microsoft 365 Business security feature prevents unauthorized access at the app level in case a device is unlocked and is in the wrong hands.

    Microsoft 365 Business security also restricts your ability to copy or save this document to an unauthorized app. For example, if you wanted to save this document with credit card numbers to a non-Microsoft 365 Business app, the system prevents you from doing so.

    Similarly, if you try to cut or copy and paste to the iOS notes app or to Gmail, information protection prevents you from doing so.

    You can also try to send from your non-work email, pasting this content into the email, and again the system prevents you from pasting sensitive content.

    And finally, you are limited on where you can save the content. This is how robust Microsoft 365 Business's information protection is. Information is secure on the go.

    Mobile data protection -- simplified for you

    The mobile device protection features are easily set up in seconds using the Microsoft 365 Business Setup Wizard. One is right to wonder if enabling all these productivity features is complex. That's why setup is simplified with the Microsoft 365 Business console, where you can easily set up the security policies with simple toggle buttons. You can protect works files and set up the Office Mobile device policy -- easily enabling the toggle button to put a PIN policy in place.

    The Microsoft 365 Business Setup Wizard simplifies Windows 10 device set up using security policies that you can easily enable for all users, like Windows Defender, so individual users cannot disable the antivirus on their machines and make the organization unsafe.

    Microsoft 365 Business is a single subscription that provides businesses with collaboration, security, and easy device management. The integration of features is seamless, giving users a delightful experience.


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