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    Introducing Microsoft Teams Essentials

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    The past few years have been challenging for all organizations, especially for small businesses as they had to adapt to the new hybrid work environment. On December 1st, 2021, Microsoft introduced Teams Essentials, a standalone app built specifically for small businesses.

    What is Microsoft Teams Essentials?

    Teams Essentials is a part of Microsoft 365 that brings existing Teams capabilities together with features designed for small companies. It is an affordable meeting solution to support teamwork and productivity in a hybrid work environment for companies with up to 300 users. Teams Essentials allows users to host professional meetings and collaborate in one place. It also makes it possible for nonprofits, religious organizations, schools, and community groups to connect and participate effectively with no IT expertise necessary.

    Introducing Microsoft Teams Essentials

    What are the features and benefits of Microsoft Teams Essentials?

    Teams Essentials includes existing and new capabilities available in the free version of Teams to meet the needs of small businesses:

    • Extended meeting time for up to 30 hours.
    • Large meeting capacity with the ability to bring up to 300 people into one virtual room.
    • Outlook and Google Calendar Integration to help you easily schedule and manage your meetings.
    • Simple, easy invitations that require only an email address. Users do not need to sign up, sign in or install Teams to participate in a meeting.
    • Interactive meetings with professional tools and capabilities like virtual backgrounds, Together mode, live closed captions, live reactions to stay on top and host engaging events.
    • Additional cloud storage to help you co-author, view, edit, and store Office 365 files. Teams Essentials offers a total of 10 gigabytes (GB) file storage.
    • Ongoing chats that are always available to keep the conversation going so you never lose context or continuity.
    • A new small-business group chat template is coming soon to allow you quickly start a group project, assign, and create polls to receive feedback all in one hub.

    Introducing Microsoft Teams Essentials

    What is the price for Teams Essentials?

    Nowadays costs are one of the first priorities for every business and especially for small companies. Teams Essentials offers all-in-one solution together with the value and support from Microsoft Partners at only $4 USD per user per month to provide small businesses with technologies that can meet their core needs. You can easily purchase Teams Essentials directly from our website. Our team is always here to answer all your questions and help you keep secure while you grow your business using the brand-new remote technologies from Microsoft working from virtually anywhere.


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