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How to open a secure email from Office 365 using third-party email providers


If you have an Office 365 subscription, Outlook now includes encryption features that let you share your confidential and personal information while ensuring that your email message stays encrypted and doesn’t leave Office 365. This is useful when you don’t trust the recipient’s email provider to be secure.

In the article we are going to explain how to open a secure email using third-party email providers.

1. The first step, you’ve just got an email :)

2. You should click on the Read Message

3. You’ll be redirected to the login page we you could choose a one-time code

4. Now, check your google mailbox …

5. ..and don’t close the last page

6. Copy the code from email …

7. … and paste it

8. Voila! You can read secure email on Microsoft website

Messages encrypted with Office 365 stay encrypted and remain inside the Office 365 service. This helps secure your email when it’s received.

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