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    How to make sure you are purchasing a legit license

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    Each year, tens of thousands of people report to Microsoft that they bought software that they later learned was counterfeit, and unfortunately, you may as well have fallen victim to pirated software.

    There exist some common techniques cybercriminals use to mislead users. One of them is to set up a fake website that falsely claims the legitimacy of the software licenses and subscriptions offered for sale. Experienced cyber criminals even go to great lengths to make websites look authentic and to trick consumers into buying fraudulent subscriptions or counterfeit software.

    We have collected some tips to help you acquire a legitimate license. The following instructions will allow you to stay on the right track and avoid purchasing fake software.

    1. Beware of huge discounts. It may seem very attractive, but it may not be true. Microsoft's discount programs are available for all partners, but if the low price is found only in one store -- that can be considered a red flag.

    2. All Microsoft partners have their own profiles on the MPN website (you may see ours on the link ). If you don't see a company on the catalog, it likely means it is committing fraud.

    3. Consultations and additional services. Do not hesitate to call a seller and ask some simple questions about the difference between CSP and OLP. Microsoft Certified Partners are always ready to help you with deployment and implementation services, while cybercriminals are not able to migrate your mail server or provide any other complex solution of implementation projects.

    4. It is crucial to figure out whether Microsoft software installed on your PC is properly licensed. When implemented correctly, Microsoft's volume licensing solutions are designed to make it easier and more affordable to run software on multiple computers within a business or organization. Sometimes scammers will sell you a wrong license that is cheaper than the one you require.

    Make sure you have the right licensing for your Microsoft products. And if you have any concerns about it, IT Partner will help you ensure that the software installed on your PCs is properly licensed.


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