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Azure Security Center


Azure Security Center is designed to strengthen the security posture of your data centers. It provides advanced threat protection across your hybrid workloads in the cloud and examines whether your resources are safe.

Security Center helps you manage your security policies, recognize and fix misconfigurations across your various assets. It detects newly implemented resources and ensures they are configured according to security best practices. If not, you will be given recommendations for what needs to be adjusted to keep your machines safe.

The Azure Secure Score explores your security recommendations and prioritizes them for you. This allows you to reveal the most serious security vulnerabilities and achieve greater visibility into the secure score controls that are related. Controlling vulnerabilities reduces organizational exposure and strengthens endpoint surface area. Quick Fix tool streamlines remediation of misconfigurations and gives you an opportunity to start a remediation action on your behalf.

The Azure Security Center compliance dashboard is built to help you meet regulatory compliance requirements. Here you can review the status of all the estimates within your environment and obtain the full range and flexibility of a world-class policy solution.

The Azure Security Benchmark is a set of high-impact security recommendations created to keep most services in Azure safe. The benchmark is incredibly helpful in interpreting how the controls are adapted to Azure services.

Workflow Automation brings down overhead streamline processes and lets you use Logic Apps based on security alerts and recommendation. Azure Logic Apps can be configured to do any custom action as sending an email or opening a ServiceNowTM ticket. This also includes actions such as informing relevant stakeholders, setting a change management process and deploying certain remediation steps. Automation boosts your security by performing all the process steps quickly and according to your predefined requirements.

Security Center also supports one of the fastest growing services for deploying and managing software in the cloud – Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and uses proven technology from Qualys to help you inspect all the installed apps on a VM to discover vulnerable applications and introduce them in the Security Center portal`s experience. All the deployment operations are managed by Security Center so that no additional work is required from the user.

Integration of Azure Security Center with Azure Sentinel allows you to have a unified, hybrid security experience and makes it simple to safeguard your entire SQL estate. Your SecOps team can easily retrieve the threat information from Azure Security Center and surface it into Azure Sentinel to detect threats before attackers have the chance to exfiltrate data.

Azure Security Center is a built-in tool that provides you with threat protection for workloads running in Azure, on-premises, and in other clouds. It helps you raise cloud security posture and protects against cyberattacks using Microsoft`s vast threat intelligence.

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