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Are you ready for Windows 7 End of Life? Learn how to prepare for it!


Running end-of-life software is a considerable risk to organizations all over the world. This can become a significant issue, especially if you have hundreds of devices on your network. Window 7 End of Life implies no more bug-fixes and security updates.

This makes users more susceptible to malware attacks and turns Window 7 to a minefield of security threats. New apps are created for the latest version of OSes. It is very crucial for such industries like healthcare and e-commerce as they operate with lots of customer confidential information and, sometimes, old software version means extremely poor performance.

Microsoft stopped mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015, with extended support running till 14 January 2020. After that, Microsoft will no longer provide any assistance for PCs with Windows 7. You can still run Windows 7, but your computers will be open to various cyberattacks and security hazards when support stops. It is possible to stay safe on Windows 7 and acquire Extended Security Updates (ESU). It`s a good solution to keep your hardware safe and invulnerable for some time.

The Extended Security Update (ESU) program is an alternative for consumers to manage certain legacy Microsoft products after the support is ended. Simply put: Microsoft will continue creating security updates, but you are only able to get them if you pay up. It covers essential upgrades for three years after the product`s End of Extended Support date, but it doesn’t involve new features and customer-requested non-security upgrades.

Microsoft realizes that business, governments and other companies are at a different stage in the updating process. *On December 1, 2019, all organizations with Windows 7 will have an opportunity to buy ESU through the CSP program on a per-device basis and it will get more expensive every year. *

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