Configure and Enable DLP Policies

    $800 / ITPWW010SECOT

    DLP-system (Data Leak Prevention) is a specialized software that protects the organization from data leaks. This technology is not only the ability to block the transfer of confidential information through various channels, but also a tool for monitoring the daily work of employees, which allows you to find security weaknesses before the incident.

    Security and Protection / Office 365

    Additional Spam and Phishing Protection

    500 / ITPWW380IMPOT

    Additional protection for organizations experiencing problems with emails.

    Security and Protection / Exchange Online

    Cloud App Security Information and Threat Protection

    $4900 / ITPWW370IMPOT

    Microsoft Cloud App Security is a comprehensive solution for providing IT security with cloud services in a company of any size.

    Security and Protection / Office 365

    Securing and Hardening of your Office 365 Environment

    $175 per hour / ITPWW140IMPOT

    Our certified engineers will analyze how well you are leveraging existing and optional security controls and settings of your Office 365 environment and develop a prioritized plan according to Microsoft best-practices to increase security and reduce risks.

    Security and Protection / Office 365

    Microsoft Intune - Initial Setup

    $2,950 / ITPWW310IMPOT

    Microsoft Intune is a service from Microsoft that allows you to manage corporate employee devices, both desktop and portable devices. We will help you plan the deployment of Microsoft Intune in your organization: develop the architecture and design, gradually connect all the devices, and help in solving possible problems when working with this system.

    Security and Protection / Office 365

    Password-less Authentication

    $900 / ITPWW340IMPOT

    The common practice for IT to attempt lessening password risk by employing stronger password complexity, including special characters and demanding more frequent password changes, makes employees' work vastly more complex and decreases their productivity. Most importantly, this approach isn’t enough for current cybersecurity threats and doesn’t deliver on organizational information security needs.

    Security and Protection / Microsoft Azure

    Security Managed Service: Incident Response

    $7 per user, per month ($105 min) / ITPWW220MSPRC

    IT Partner specialists will analyze your company infrastructure and event logs, interview users if necessary, and provide a full report on the incident, as well as measures to prevent its recurrence.

    Security and Protection / Managed Services

    Advanced Threat Analytics Installation

    1950 / ITPWW330IMPOT

    Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) is a complex system that allows you to protect your IT infrastructure from a variety of information threats and cyberattacks.

    Security and Protection / Managed Services

    Office 365 Encrypted Email - Initial Setup

    $450 / ITPWW280IMPOT

    Office 365 uses encryption in two ways: in the service, and as a customer control. In the service, encryption is used in Office 365 by default. If you want to increase the security level of messaging and protect extremely sensitive data, we will provide implementation service to email encryption and rights protection capabilities.

    Security and Protection / Office 365

    Free Office 365 Security Assessment


    Small- and medium-sized businesses have to deal with the same cyberattacks and the same industry and government data regulations as large companies, but without the big IT department and budget to plan and implement protective measures. Migration to the cloud helps, but still leaves some very important vulnerabilities, like social engineering-based attacks. We will help you evaluate how secure your business data is and propose concrete steps to fix the vulnerabilities.

    Security and Protection / Office 365