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Cloud Phone System and PSTN Calling - Initial Setup

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  • Duration: 2 weeks;
  • Price: $30 per user with $1,000 minimum;

We will help you deploy, configure and set up Cloud pbx & Enterprise Voice in Office365. This will allow a Skype for Business user to send and receive phone calls on the Public Switched Telephone Network and have access to pbx features.

  1. IT Partner is responsible to
  2. Client is responsible to
  3. Out of the scope of this project (additional cost items)
  4. Prerequisites
  5. Results
The project provides enterprise voice functionality to Teams / Skype for Business users in Office 365 with the following features: PSTN Calling using Teams or Skype for Business app
  • Call hold/retrieve
  • Call transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Camp On
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Simultaneous Ringing
  • Voicemail
  • USB peripherals (such as a USB phone)
  • Delegation (Boss/admin)
  • Team Call
  • Basic Call Policy
  • Etc.

Our objective is to set up Office 365 calling service for your business.

IT Partner is responsible to

  1. Assign the correct licenses for telephone service
  2. Assist with porting your old numbers
  3. Assign telephone numbers to your Office 365 tenant
  4. Set emergency locations and assign numbers and emergency locations to users
  5. Configure Cloud PBX voice and voice mail services (Auto Attendant, Call Queue, etc.)
  6. Set up voicemail policies in your organization

Client is responsible to

  • Provide instructions containing the structure of telephone numbers and extensions
  • Provide required voice messages/music for Cloud PBX
  • Provide voice recordings for Auto Attendant
  • Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner and coordinate any outside vendor resources and schedules.
  • Configure all networking equipment such as load balancers, routers, firewalls, and switches.
  • Provide access to physical and virtual servers and/or systems and services as needed. Provide needed remote and/or physical access to facility and systems required to complete work.
  • Assist with identification of high risk users (top executives and VIP-users).

Out of the scope of this project (additional cost items)

  • Customer’s team training
  • Desktop/mobile software settings
  • Setup and configuration of desktop phones (separate project)


You must have Office 365 tenant with Cloud PBX and PSTN licenses


Working modern calling service based on Office 365